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What's Your Eyewear Style?

Take our style quiz to see what eyeglasses we recommend for you.

Quiz Questions

  • 1.
    How would you describe your personal style?
  • 2.
    What's your ideal color palette?
  • 3.
    How do you prefer to accessorize?
  • 4.
    Which home would you choose?
  • 5.
    Pick a Shoe

Quiz Outcomes

  • 1.
    Your laid-back, relaxed style is one of your greatest characteristics! Your style can shine through in anything you wear.
  • 2.
    Your style is timeless! You enjoy classic pieces that never age.
  • 3.
    You're willing to take risks with your style and stand out from the crowd! You could pull off anything!
  • 4.
    Your modern sense of style means that you are always on-trend and constantly reinventing yourself! When others need advice on the latest pairings, you are the source.