What's Your Landscape Personality?

Discover what landscape style best matches your personality!

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Which scene are you most drawn to?


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Your next vacation will be to....

Hawaii for surf, sun, snorkeling and luaus. 


New York City for architecture and world-class museums.


Sedona, AZ to refresh my soul and find inner peace.


A cozy cabin in the woods to read, sip hot chocolate and relax.


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Which painting would you hang on your wall?


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During holidays, how do you decorate your home?

On trend and uncluttered.


Go big or go home!


As warm and welcoming as possible. 


Sweet and simple. Less is more.


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Which arrangement would you use in your home?


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Which most closely describes your morning routine?

I start my day with yoga to prepare my mind and body.


Watching the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee.


A brisk workout and energizing music.


Structured: Make my bed, check the news, shower, eat.


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Which couch do you like most?


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Zen & Tranquil

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you look for moments of peace and serenity. You understand balance is vital. The landscape that reflects your personality is one that provides a tranquil respite from the daily grind. A refuge where you can meditate and relax.

Bold & Dramatic

You live life in a BIG way. You love to explore the world around you, and experience everything life has to offer. The landscape that refelcts your personality is lush, with lots of color, texture and plenty to look at.

Warm & Intimate

Cozy might be your favorite word. You understand that home is where the heart is, and appreciate a soft blanket, a comfy couch and good company. The landscape that reflects your personality gives you a warm, welcoming place to entertain friends and family.

Clean & Modern

You are straightforward, and appreciate simplicity. You aren't one for "bells and whistles." You prefer clean lines and function over form. The landscape that reflects your personality is low maintenance, structured and well manicured. Its beauty is in its simplicity.