What's Your Perfect Summer Destination?

Take this quiz to find out your perfect summer vacation!

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How do you enjoy to spend your free time?

Hiking the tallest mountain you can find


Relaxing at the spa


Going to the farmers market 


Camping with the FAM


Going to the beach!


Depends on what I'm feeling


1 / 10

What's the first thing you visit in a new city?  

A Metro Station to get a Map


The Hotel


The Nearest Cafe


The Beach


2 / 10

What kind of packer are you?

I overpack every time


I would rather have too little than too much


I only bring the essentials


3 / 10

What foods are you crazy to try?



Kalua Pork


Pasta and Bread


Rice and some Meat


I rather eat food I know I like


4 / 10

What's your biggest concern when planning a trip?





Internet Access




Fear of flying


Not understanding the language


5 / 10

What's your ideal weather?

Hot and Sunny 


Cold and Rainy


Cool and Sunny




6 / 10

The main reason you travel is to...

Escape day-to-day life and responsibilities


Get your adrenaline pumping


See as much of nature's beauty as possible


Create memories with your friends and family


Learn about other cultures through art, fashion, food and architecture


7 / 10

How often do you travel...

A lot




Very Few Times


8 / 10

How many stamps do you have on your passport?







Too many to count


9 / 10

How do you keep in touch with friends and family while on vacation?

Old School - sending postcards of coarse


They can just read my blog


Skype and Facetime - tech is my life these days


I'm off the grid - they can hear about it when I get home


They can keep up with my insta pics


10 / 10


This is where the heart calls you, it's time to take a swim and just sit back and relax at the beach!


You like to explore and hike up the best mountains with the best sights, so Canada is the perfect place to go! There's nothing better than the great outdoors right?


Going abroad has been on your bucket list, so its time to take the big leap and take the vacation!


You love to seek nature and look at all the amazing things around you, so its time you go to Africa!


Home is where your heart is, so a Staycation is just the thing for you!