What's Your Wedding Ring Style?

There are more wedding band metal options now than ever before. Which one best matches your style?

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Your ideal wedding ring is...









Out-of-this-world cool






1 / 7

Where would you like to live?



Bungalow with a big yard


Apartment in the city


I could fall asleep on a rock


A home with big skylights to see the stars


Remote forest cabin


Doesn't matter - I'll find adventure anywhere


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Your dream date would be...

Fancy food and a movie


A long walk on the beach


Carnival/amusement park


Exploring a museum


Stargazing and a picnic


Roasting marshmallows around a campfire


Skydiving, cliff jumping - if adrenaline is pumping I'm there


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What word would your friends use to describe you?















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I'm happiest when I'm...

Buying the coolest gadgets


Relaxing with a good book or TV show


Hanging with my favorite people


Watching a cool documentary


Playing a strategic board/card game


Exploring the outdoors


Out of my comfort zone


5 / 7

What's your dream job?



Any 9-5 office job will do


Graphic designer






Nature photographer


Racecar driver


6 / 7

What was your favorite subject in school?

Recess and lunch


I liked/hated them all










Didn't matter - I made them all fun


7 / 7


You are a bold, imaginative and strong-willed. You always find a way - or make one. Your personality needs a wedding ring that is sleek but also bold. Your daring swagger, dashing personality and outlook on life is best symbolized with a black ring.

Precious Metal

You hold a relaxed, creative, and friendly approach towards life. Your easy-going personality best fits a traditional wedding ring made of precious metal. Lashbrook offers a variety of precious metals available for you: White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Palladium and Platinum.


You are an enthusiastic, creative and free spirit who can always find a reason to smile. Your life motto is "live life in color", making a Cerakote wedding ring the best match for your personality. Whether on the outside for all to see, the inside as a secret message - or both, a Cerakote wedding ring is for you.

Lashbrook has more than 90 unique color options for you to choose from, ranging in colors from blues and greens to pinks and purples. What color will you choose? Well, there's no quiz for that. That's up to you.

Damascus Steel

You are an innovative inventor with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. You enjoy learning about history and legends. Your keen wit and passion for antiquity is best symbolized with a Damascus Steel wedding ring.

Damascus was a type of steel used in Middle Eastern sword making. Damascus rings by Lashbrook are made by hand, mimicking these ancient metalsmithing techniques.


You are an imaginative and strategic thinker with a plan for everything. Your knowledge and amazement with the wonders of space is best represented with a Meteorite wedding ring.

Lashbrook uses four billion year old authentic Gibeon Meteorite for these rings, perfectly symbolizing your passion for astronomy.


Your home is the outdoors and you love anything to do with nature. You are always ready to explore and experience something new, making a Hardwood wedding ring the best match for your personality.

Lashbrook ethically sources 16 of the most beaufiul, rare and exotic hardwoods wood rings for you to choose from, ranging from normal grained and burl woods to spalted varieties.

Carbon Fiber

You are a spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic person, who truly enjoys living life on the edge. Your sense of adventure and adrenaline-craving personality best matches a Carbon Fiber wedding ring.

Lashbrook sources Carbon Fiber from a local manufacturer whose products are found in high-tech applications varying from Formula 1 racing to competitive cycling.