What Social Media Platform is Best For You?

Are you an Instagrammer at heart? A Facebook Live expert-to-be? Need some Pinning Boards in your life? 

Take the quiz and find which platform is best for you.

Find out

What Gender Is Your Target Audience?

Identifies as Male 


Identifies as Female




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What Age Range Best Covers Your Target Audience?

Under 20








I'm Not Sure


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Which Description Best Reflects Your Brand?

Playful and cute 


Informative, Clinical and Professional


Eclectic and Varied


Topical and In The Moment/News and Research 


Creative and Visual - image-based


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What Is The Income Range of Your Target Audience?

< $30, 000 per year


$30, 000 - $59, 999


$60, 000 – $89, 999


$90, 000 +


I'm Not Sure


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         What Is Your Primary Objective         With Social Media?

To get clients 


To increase awareness of my offerings


To highlight my personality and build a brand


To connect with brands


Driving traffic to my website


To Increase my authority as an expert in an area


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               How Important Is Live Video                 in Your Marketing Strategy? 

Very Important


Somewhat Important


Not Important


6 / 8

How Important are Beautiful Images/Food Pics To Your Brand?

Very Important 


Somewhat Important


Not Important 


7 / 8

How Much Time Are You Willing to Commit to Social Each Week?

No more than 30 minutes 


I've Got About an Hour


I'm Willing to Aim for 1-3 Hours


No Limit! I Want to Dive In!


8 / 8


The best platform for your business is Instagram! Perfect for showing off your beautiful visuals, food photos and culinary creations, Instagram is one of the most effective platforms for engaging with your followers.

Instagram engagement is the best of any of the social media platforms, coming in at 1.73% for brands, dwarfing both Facebook and Twitter. And users are no joke here - 1 billion people use Instagram, 72% of all teens.

The Instagram platform is skewed towards the female audience, with 37% of the platform being identified as women. In terms of age, the platform is dominated by the 18-29 age group, making up a solid 59% of it's audience.

Instagram stories and Instagram TV (IGTV) have expanded the platform's range, letting you engage with your followers in a multitude of new ways. If you love video and sharing a glimpse into your personal life - this is for you.

Did you know that Thursday is the best day of the week to post on Instagram? Videos also get 21.1% more interactions compared to images.


LinkedIn has nearly 600 million users, about half of them active on a monthly basis. It performs 277% better than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to generating visitor-to-lead conversions, a place where salespeople interact with prospective clients and employers interact with potential employees. That being said, 91% of executives believe that LinedIn is the top choice for professionally relevant content.

Fueled by your passions, your interests, your desire to profit and keep moving forward, you’re always on the lookout for new information, ideas and perspectives. You try to stay ahead of the game, and often, you do.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you to share your expertise, network with fellow business owners and build your authority.


You set the trends and we follow! You bring excitement and color in a seemingly drab world. The online space can often seem black and white and you add a dash of life with your tips, tricks, and charisma.

Pinterest is perfect for sharing your images and spreading your brand far and wide. With no need to focus on engagement or the video aspects that come with other platforms, Pinterest is effective at driving traffic to your website without having to exhaust your energy in the constant chatter of social media.

Create beautiful visuals that draw in the reader. The best posts are those that leave your audience feeling satisfied but always wanting more from you.


Hang on, you're in for a ride. Twitter is fast and furious, with tweets appearing and comments building in a flash.

Twitter is the perfect platform to share your thoughts, funny observations and re-tweet the big thought leaders in your industry. With so many people on the platform, from celebs to ideal customers, Twitter it's the perfect platform to connect, engage and show your expertise in the field.

Without the pressure to create beautiful images for Instagram or the hard line professional networking on LinkedIn, you can concentrate on having authentic conversations with your audience, as well as those you look up to.

The platform leans slightly toward the male demographic, is dominated by the 18-29 age group and is one of the best platforms for targeting the $75 k + wage bracket. There are 326 million monthly active users on the platform with 500 million tweets going out daily.


With a huge 2 billion daily users Facebook is definitely not a platform to dismiss. Snapchat and Instagram might be catching the attention of the younger demographic, Facebook is still pulling in 79% of internet users. 68% of US adults report using Facebook (3/4 of those use it daily).

With a sophisticated Ads Manager, Live Video, Facebook Groups and Pages, Business pages and analytics, Facebook could help you take your business to the next level .

With multiple ways to connect to your audience, several different mediums to play with and a potential advertising reach of millions, Facebook is THE platform for business, showing your personality and running groups.

If you want flexibility, lots of tools to play with and a fantastic, flexible platform - Facebook is your best choice.