What Thanksgiving Dish are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Thanksgiving dish best matches your personality!

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Which of these words call to you the most?









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Where would you want to spend Thanksgiving?

At home with my friends and family


A relative's home with friends and family


At home with friends


At a friend's house


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Do you watch the Thanksgiving Parade?

Yes! Every year!!




Maybe once or twice...


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What do you like most about Thanksgiving out of the choices below?

Spending time with family




The after-Thanksgiving sales


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What is your favorite season?









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Choose the word that you feel describes you best:









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Where would you like to live when you are older out of the choices below?

Apex, North Carolina


New York City, New York


Dallas, Texas


London, England


7 / 8

Would you rather:

Go to bed early and wake up early.


Stay up late and wake up later.


8 / 8


Ah yes, the turkey! You catch people's attention with your leadership abilities and loyalty to those you care about. You aren't afraid to try new things that you haven't heard of before and seem interesting. You don't let other people try to move you from your morals, and that's great! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mashed Potatoes!

You love to have fun! Your bubbly personality lights up any conversation and you always keep such a positive attitude that motivates the people around you. You most probably always have a huge smile on your face and are full of energy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Apple Pie!

You are incredibly sweet! You are so nice to those around you and are the highlight of some people's day! You don't let other people get in the way of or ruin your everyday positive attitude. Happy Thanksgiving!


Ooh Fancy! You really pay attention to detail but also keep emphasis on what's important in life. No doubt people would be willing to work with you on projects! You definitely enjoy and/or prefer a lot of the delicacies in life. Stay you, and happy Thanksgiving!