What Thanksgiving Food are You?

What high calorie food are you?

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Whats your go to food for Thanksgiving





Pumpkin Pie


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Do you enjoy your talkative relatives? 

Yes, I love catching up with everybody


No, I just want the stuffing


Yea, but only for an hour tops


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Do you enjoy traveling for Thanksgiving

Yes, I love going different places


Nope, my couch is calling to me 


Yes, but only for a little 


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What do you do after the big meal?

Your couch is calling to you, no conversations


You chat it up with your grandma


Just chill with the fam


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How would your family describe you?

Easy  going and relaxed 


Shy and reserved 


Super sweet 


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What is you favorite part about turkey day?

The amazing nap 


Eating with the family


Laughing with the family


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Mashed potatoes 

You go with the flow, easy going, and not annoyed by the talkative relatives.Not shy but not overly talkative. Hangout and do whatever comes your way.

Dinner Rolls

You're a simple person and you mainly here for the food and the naps.

Cranberry Sauce

You love seeing everybody and you can't wait to talk to every single person there.