What Thinker Are You Based On Your Relationship Stuff?

Are you an introspective muse? Or a flamboyant thinker who loves being the centre of attention? Either way, take our quiz to find out which great thinker you are!
Go Ahead try me!

What is the most attractive thing a person could do?

be loyal


join in with my weird fantasies


read Wattpad fan fictions (zoinks, my love)


Be good looking


Defend me no matter what


Be a bad boy (why do they like good girls)


1 / 7

what’s a deal breaker?

Ditching you


Breaking the law


being Boring


Not enjoying Wattpad fan fictions (zoinks, my love)


Cheating on you


Being arrogant 


2 / 7

How often would you do it?

Whenever they want to




idk like once a month 


Only when the time is right 


3 / 7

Name the perfect way to spend time with your crush/S.O

Alone together ;)


with friends just hanging out!


with the family around a BBQ


Somewhere remote like Korea or some exotic place


In a car, on the road


4 / 7

What would you want your S.O/ crush to do

Help me out when I need it


Be my shoulder to cry on


Let me know when to stop 


set Me up with someone better


5 / 7

It’s time to break up what do you do?

insult them one last time


Tell them that you NeVER loved them


beg Them to stay


Cry for ages


6 / 7

Pick a weird food

Onion soup.




Collard greens.




7 / 7

Franz Kafka

You like to exercise control over your daily routine – literally. Keeping active is important to you, so you’ll always be sure to squeeze a workout into your day, no matter how busy your schedule. 

You’re always careful to keep your work life separate from your personal life, and try not to let the two seep into each other.

Mary Flannery O'Connor

You work hard, but you’ve never been one to crave the limelight.

You’re always careful to manage your time efficiently, ensuring you find a balance between work and play.

You love to socialise when given the opportunity, but are equally happy to be left to your own devices to work.

Sigmund Freud

Your work is your passion. It fits perfectly with your analytical nature, and allows you to get under the skin of the the big questions in life. It also makes you a dab hand when it comes to organisation.

Outside of work, you love the finer things in life. Good food, good coffee and even better company are of the utmost importance to you.

Honoré de Balzac

Organisation is a minor concern to you, you’d much rather improvise what happens next in your life. 

Because of this, you’re widely considered the life and soul of the party – a party at your place is seldom a tedious affair.