What Type Of Human Design Type Are You?

Know your type and what really motivates you in your career, and have a successful career change instead of staying stuck.

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How do you want to feel at the end of the day?

Tired - like you accomplished something important


Excited - like you can't wait to come back tomorrow


Ready - to do all the fun things you have planned in your free time


Successful - like you're one step closer to your goal


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I am most concerned about...

Having a good work-life balance


Finding a job that energizes me and makes me feel alive


Reaching my goals


Doing work that does something good for the world


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My main focus is:

Doing the things I enjoy and spending time with friends and family


Having a job that allows me to do the things I love most at work


Making a positive impact on the world


Reaching my goals


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When I get to work in the morning, the first question I ask myself is: 

What do I have to do today?


When is the earliest I can leave today?


Am I making a difference?


What do I get to do today?


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My dream job would:

Feel important and help me accomplish what I want


Thrill me daily and speak to my soul


Assure me I'm making a difference


Fit in with the rest of my life


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Other people would describe me as:









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You're a projector.

driven to do work that you care about, whether it's on a small scale or a large one. Whatever you're doing, it has to connect with your values and what you want to give back to your company, the community or the world.

You want to feel that you've made an impact, and that your work has done good in the world. This doesn't mean that you have to work for a non-profit, though.

Your work could be anything from marketing and business to teaching and government or anything and everything in between - it just depends on what it means to you!


You're a generator.

Nothing is more important to you than being passionate about the work you're doing. You want to enjoy the process of it, and be immersed in the day-to-day flow of your work.

Your connectedness and sense of well-being as a person comes from doing work that you're passionate about because you're an artist at heart.

No matter if your artist's medium is paint or numbers, or whether you create with a computer or words or something entirely different, you are an artist because you come alive through your connection to the process of doing your work. Look for work that allows you to do what you love.


You're a manifestor.

Your time is extremely important to you and you want to be doing the best thing with it at every moment.

You'd love to find a job you enjoy, but your job serves you - and supports the rest of your life and the activities that you care about - not the other way around.

Finding a job that fits with your life goals and that you can enjoy at the same time is the challenge for you.


You're a reflector.

You are driven. When you set your mind to a goal, you do everything you can to reach it. You're used to success and good at focusing on the steps you need to get there.

But when it comes to career change, you might feel a bit confused as your previous goals have already been accomplished or don't seem to hold the same appeal anymore.

Now the question becomes: "What can you get fired up about?"