What Type of Man do You Attract?

The things you do send out signals to men and you can end up attracting a certain type. What type is that? Take this quiz to find out. 

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If you were planning a date, where would you take your guy?

Out to see a new movie


 To shoot some pool


A sporting event


A romantic restaurant


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What would you wear on a special date night?

A cute, flowy dress


Tight jeans and a sexy top


A gorgeous dress that shows off all my good features


Jean shorts, a cute top and comfortable shoes


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What's your favorite color out of these?

Black or Silver


Pink or Purple


Green or Red


Blue or Gold


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What hobbies and interest would you like to share with your man?

Travel, shopping, casinos


Sports, gym, hiking


Movies, restaurants, cooking


Dancing, clubbing, comedy


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What do you wear on a casual trip to the grocery store?

Yoga pants and a tank top


A cute and comfy dress


Jeans and a t shirt


You get dressed up just like you were going anywhere else. You never know who you'll see


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How do you typically wear your hair?

In a pony tail


I like for it to be long and curled


Short and styled


I like to try different styles


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What is your diet like?

I eat whatever I want whenever I want


I try my best to eat healthy and I like to cook


I eat out a lot, I don't like to cook


I cook a lot but I also eat out a lot too


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What quality do you like most in a man?









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How often do you want to see your man?

As much as possible


Ideally everyday, but we can have our own hobbies


It's okay if he's away for work once in a while


I'm understanding if he has to be gone for long periods of time


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Where would you like to go on vacation?

Camping or backpacking


A resort on the beach


A big city with lots of major attractions


A charming, little city with great food and culture


10 / 10


This man is unpredictable and always doing something fun and exciting. He likes to travel and will bring you along with him so be prepared to drop what your doing if you want to join him for a spontaneous weekend getaway. He might have a motorcycle or a fast car. He might smoke or drink. He also might not settle down with you. But there is something about him... and if he does decide to be with you then you'll know that he actually cares for you.

Nice Guy

This man probably has a good job, a nice car and maybe even goes to church. He will take you out on a proper date and will be excited to introduce you to his mom. He won't pressure you to do things you're not comfortable with and takes things slow. He is sweet and kind. He will spend time listening to your feelings and will probably even share some of his own. Some might call him boring and predictable, but you enjoy knowing that he will always be there for you.

Sports Guy

You'll either find this guy playing sports or watching sports. He enjoys the competition of sports and sometimes gets a little too into it, but it's kinda hot. He enjoys watching the game and during football season you will have to have an understanding that he might not spend as much time with you. It's nothing personal, he just loves the game. The playoffs are a big deal and the Superbowl is an occasion to throw a party. The great thing about this guy is his passion. Hopefully you like sports too so you can enjoy the games with him or if not, learn to allow your man to have the space he needs to enjoy his hobby.


This man enjoys his work and the fruits of his labor. He works hard so he can play hard and if you end up with him he will share those rewards with you. He'll buy you nice gifts and take you on luxurious trips. You'll probably live in a nice home and have nice things. But it does come at a price, he'll work long hours and probably be tired when he does come home.He may expect a lot from you as well since he works so hard. Or you might not see him very often. But at the end of the day he is a good provider for you and your family and that's how he shows his love.