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What Type of Mentor is Best for You?

Discover your learning style and the type of mentor who would suit you best.

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Which celebrity resonates with you the MOST?

Emma Watson




Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson


Jennifer Lawrence


Chris Pratt


Mayim Bialik


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Which is your spirit animal?











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Which word appeals to you most?











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Which image appeals to you the most? 


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What's most important to you?









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Your learning words are: Intuition, Restoring, Pioneer, Internal Compass

Your superpowers are: Taking (and seeing) the higher ground.

While you are on a mission to make a difference, managing your energy is also important to you. You strive for balance and make efforts to achieve it in business and in life.

You need a mentor who sees that business isn't just about business. Everything in your world needs to be aligned to a higher purpose.


Your learning words are: Wisdom, Shift, Courage, Authenticity.

Your superpower is: Personal transformation

You are very skilled at your craft and committed to getting better.

You need a mentor who can help you get out of your own way and connect you with resources to help you achieve the changes that you want to make inside yourself.


Your learning words are: Vision, Rainmaker, Abundance, Impact.

Your superpowers are: Influence and the ability to inspire others.

You have potential to be the top player in your industry.

You need a mentor who can help you leverage your raw talent and drive. Chances are you are already on the right track and simply need to meet with someone monthly to keep you focused on your goals.


Your learning words are: Focus, Committed, Training, Inspired Action

Your superpowers are: The ability to see a goal and go for it.

You achieve things. It's what you do.

You need a mentor who will be in your corner cheering you on. You are willing to put in the time and energy, you need someone who can help you know where to focus it.