What Type of Pet Parent Are You?

What Type of Pet Parent are You?

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When your dog is begging for some of your food, you ...

Say "No"


Split your entire meal with him/her


Give him/her a few scraps


1 / 7

Your dog sleeps ...

In bed with you


In his/her queen size bed


Wherever he/she falls asleep


2 / 7

I take my dog for a walk ...

Once to Twice a day


Once in a while


When I have some time to spare


3 / 7

I celebrate my dog's birthday by ...

Throwing him/her a birthday party with all his/her friends


Get him/her new treats and toys


He/she doesn't even realize it's his/her birthday


4 / 7

I post pictures of my dog on my social media ...







5 / 7

I love dressing up my dog ...







6 / 7

I taught my dog ...

Not much honestly.


The Basic Commands


Everything there is to know


7 / 7

A Lover & Best Friend

Your dog is your best friend. You'll go out of your way to take them along with you wherever you go. You can never give them enough kisses, cuddles and head scratches.

A Spoiler

You love to shower your dog with gifts (treats, clothes, toys ... you name it), pamper them by taking them to pet salons and hotels. Whatever it is, you want only THE BEST for them.

A Trainer & Athlete

Your dog is very well trained (probably the best behaved dog on the block) and is your partner is crime.