What Type Of Tourist Are You Actually?

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How many times do you go on a trip by plane anually?

I never go by plane


1-2 times 


3 times or more


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You would prefer a destination that offers...

many historical and environmental monouments


both cultural and entertainment activities


many well-known sightseeings 


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The first thing you would do if you could go to Bhutan is...

talk to the locals - they have a really interesting culture.


visit the temples - so beautiful. 


250 euros a day? I would rather spend my money for another destination. 


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You usually buy souvenirs from... 

the locals - hand-made things are worth the money.


as long as I like them, the place and price don't matter. 


the big gift shops - they are the cheapest and most diverse. 


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How do you like to go around a city when on holiday?

On foot or bike


By public transport 


By car 


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Where do you usually eat when on holiday? 

I try to taste as much of the local food as possible.


Doesn't matter - whatever is closest. 


If I stay in a hotel, why should I look for something else? 


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Before I go on a trip, I spend lots of time...

Read about the destination and local traditions - I want to talk to the locals in a proper way. 


Make a list that combines sightseeings and calm places to relax in-between. 


Check where other people have been and what looks the best - then, make a list. 


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The Cultural Tourist

You really want to find out about your destinations' history and culture. You travel sustainably by buying food and souvenirs from the local communities. And talking to the locals is always fun - you can always learn something new from them. The environment is the first thing on your mind - who needs a car for a three-day trip anyways?? You would only use it to go to the nearest village because the view there is awesome! So much better than the busy streets of a cosmopolitan cities like Madrid or Rome. Keep up the good work - other tourists should learn from you.

A Soon-to-be Cultural Tourist

You want to visit lots of sightseeings you have seen in travllers' blogs and on TV - and there is nothing wrong with that. The best news is that you are also concerned about your impact on the life of the locals and on the environment. You do not travel to only take selfies with Mona Lisa but also to explore the real atmosphere of the communities. Maybe you should think about dumping the all-inclusive offers and emerging even more into the rural areas where the real fun awaits!

The Mass Tourist

An all-inclusive deal in a five-star hotel, rent-a-car and selfies with the Mona Lisa - sounds like a good plan, huh? You try to see as much as possible - always curious for the next sightseeing that you dremed of visiting since you saw your friends' photos on social media. Well, on their photos there were not crowds of people as when you visit the Eifell Tower - what happened? It is nice to see all those famous sights but perhaps you could try to be a little bit more eco-friendly - use the public transport and find accommodation whith the locals who rent out rooms. Apart from saving money and trying the authentic loal cuisine, they can also tell you some really interesting things for the area that you cannot hear from tourist guides!