What US City should you visit next?

Do you have wanderlust? Explore America: Land of opportunity and Twinkies

yes, i want to explore

What region do you feel describes you best?

East Coast


West Coast








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Which (most closely) composes your optimal vacation?

relaxation > sightseeing > food > bars


sightseeing = food = bars > relaxation


food/bars >>>> relax > sightseeing


sightseeing > bars > relax > food


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What's your budget like?



I've got enough to make it through a weekend of debauchery 


Money? It is no object


I don't have time to answer this question because some of us have to WORK to pay the bills


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Which song would you want to be the anthem of your trip?

Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show


Tik Tok by Kesha


Livin' La Vida Loca  by Ricky Martin


New York by Alicia Keys


None of these


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Who are you traveling with?

Me, myself and I


A friend / my posse


My family


My significant human creature


Voltrop from Planet Indigo is visiting


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Which of these describes you best?

I want to live like the locals live. 


I must document every moment of this trip both to share on social media, but also so I can remember these moments. 


I have multiple photocopies of my passport and I carry my travelers backpack which is anti-RFDI. Oh, I also do carry the backpack on my chest because it's safer that way. Better safe than sorry.  


I would like to see every important landmark this city has to offer. Yes, this includes seeing the world's largest pea plant. 


6 / 7

Be honest, where do you want to go?

Monaco. Gotta watch those cars go fast. 


Paris. All the baguettes please, sire. 


Home. Plz give me a bed and free laundry?


New Dehli. Must experience the shopping and spice.  


Hong Kong. That sweet city life. 


7 / 7

Cleveland, OH

Partying? Not really expensive. Hidden Food and Gambling. What more could you ask for?

Some places you can try:

1. Quintanas Speakeasy: A speakeasy with cool vibes and good cocktails. Located not to far from downtown Cleveland and University Circle, it is a damn good spot to end up at.

2. Cleveland Museum of Art: A FREE art museum with honestly one of the better collections of art I've seen. It has the classics (Warhol, Picasso, Monet -- pretty much this is where my knowledge of art stops) and lots of interesting other exhibits. Also, the building is beautiful and there are some nicer restaurants and bars within walking distance if you want to feel classy AF by showing up a little tipsy to the art museum (not that I've tried it). Also, Wednesday nights in the summer concerts happen outside the museum that are labeled as family friendly. That being said, I've definitely walked by and seen topless hula hoop dancers. Either way, this is a pleasant stop in Cleveland.

3. La Plaza Supermarket: Hands down the best (most authentic) tacos I've ever had in my life. This is a taco shop located in a mexican grocery store (you can shop and eat!). Well worth the trek out to the suburbs.

Boston, MA

Looking for that big city life, but not feeling like actually going to a giant city? Have some money? This is a good place to end up.

1. YVONNE'S: Delicious and Beautiful place to eat.

2. Equinox (though this is available in other cities): Why not drop some money and treat your body to a luxury workout class complete with a spa service after? You will not only feel good, but you will feel justified in going out to eat your way through Boston.

3. Parla: Cocktails, food, atmosphere. Step in for some modern Italian/Mediterranean cuisine.

Your Mom's House

Or whatever relative will take you in for a bit. What is happening in your life that you need this break? Perhaps you are a victim of circumstance with life/work or perhaps you need to re-evaluate things. Either way, what you need is someone to cook, clean and feed you for a few days so you can catch up on sleep and be a waste of a human.

Some good ways to rejuvenate:

1. Consider become a witch/warlock: Why not empower yourself with nature and mindfulness. Look into yourself to find a source of your strength or motivation and then use it.

2. Workout: Set a realistic goal and then execute. It doesn't have to be a reach at first, but consider doing 10 minutes of yoga or running. Something is always better than nothing.

3. Clean/Organize something: Nothing like setting yourself up for success like having an organized space.

4. Listen to a podcast: There are so many inspiring podcasts out there, but I honestly find comedy podcasts to be a nice break from the world. Some that I enjoy: Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, Wonderful, My brother, my brother and me, Hardcore History (less comedy, but excellent story telling and some comedy).