What Will You Be Wearing To A Blind Date? 

Let’s be honest, blind dates are exciting as hell. You are insanely eager to meet the stranger and spend quality time with her. What worries most men is the pain of selecting the right clothes. They definitely want to look good but don’t know what to wear. Go ahead and solve the mystery.

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What time during the day is the date?

A Sunday morning breakfast. We’ll have time to really talk.


I think I’m going to add some excitement to my lazy afternoon.


Nothing beats a romantic evening


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What is the venue of date?

A popular roadside Cafe


A high end restaurant


An Opera Theatre


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It’s time to say goodbye now. What do you do?

Give her a face peck 


Say that it was fun and drive off


Ask her out for the next date


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Where are you heading from?

Home. I’ll need to go through every detail for perfectly executing the date.


Friend’s place. I need a lot of moral support before heading out.


Workplace. I’ve squeezed in some time for this date. 


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Which platform did you use to find your blind date?



That cool new dating app


A friend set me up


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How long have you been in touch with your blind date?

Few weeks, on and off


Almost a month now


More than a month


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What kind of date are you seeking?

A modern and independent gal


A chic and fun-loving personality


A studious girl


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Strike A Dashing Look With Blue Denim Jeans and White T-Shirt

You should wear a pair of blue denim jeans and white t-shirt. This is a classic combination, looks cool and works wonderfully well. It is an easy going and comfortable outfit which will give you self confidence. Your date will surely be amazed to see you.

Power Yourself Up With A Formal Suit

This is a sure shot way to convey your eliteness to your date. Slip into your favourite suit and impress your partner with your class. In case you doubt it's worthiness, let us assure you a perfectly fit blazer is perfect for any occasion. You will definitely have a great time under the stars.

Impress with Dressy Casual

You should wear a crisp shirt with khaki pants. You'll show you made an effort and are fashionable. Your date will be feel appreciated without being overwhelmed. Be ready for a great date!