What Will Your Future Girlfriend Be Like?

We know that she is in your thoughts most of the time. Is a nerdy soul your kinda gal or a girl next door is what you day dream about? Find answers to these and many such intriguing questions, take up the quiz below to know the kind of gal that you are most likely to date.

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What are you most likely to do in leisure?

Read a book


Hang out with friends


Go Bungee Jumping!


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How do you handle a stressful situation?

Most often arrive at a rational solution


I panic and look out for support


I might throw my weight around and find a solution by hook or by crook


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What is your idea of a romantic evening?

Drink wine and work on a puzzle


Watch a romantic movie and have a candlelight dinner


Use mine or her pad for its intended purpose 😉


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A celebrity whose dressing style you admire the most

I’m inspired by Amitabh Bachchan’s formal trousseau collection


Like Hritik Roshan’s uber cool style


Love Ranveer Singh’s wacky and outlandish clothing style


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What would you gift your close pal on his or her birthday?

A gift card along with a cake


That camera lens which my friend had been eyeing since quite some time


Prank Business Cards!


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Which is your favourite movie?

In Pursuit of Happiness – Will Smith’s portrayal in the movie is quite inspiring


The Notebook – Love the passionate chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Rachel Adams


American Beauty – This movie about a middle-aged guy who is infatuated with his daughter’s friend is quite my taste


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Do you experiment with food when eating out?

I stick to basics


I love the staples..but can also have Chinese and perhaps Italian


I can eat anything and everything that moves 😉


7 / 7

You Will Have An Intellectual Girlfriend!

Your future girlfriend is going to be quite intellectual. She is is also likely to be ambitious and independent. You would love to have meaningful conversations with your nerdy gal and share interests and passions which are the more practical and real world.

You Will Find A Happy Go Lucky Soulmate!

Your future girlfriend is likely to a happy go lucky girl. Both of you might find pleasure and laughter in the simplest things and activities. This girl-next-door would have an easy breezy attitude towards life and take each day as it comes.

You Are Destined For A Wild And Quirky Girlfriend!

A wild and rebellious soul might just be your future girlfriend! Even though you would surely have a roller coaster relationship with this quirky, wacky girl, you would also find her just as irresistible. Your relationship is likely to be very interesting and as unpredictable as it can get!