We can tell you your Chinese 'spiritual home' based on 7 personality questions.

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Which best describes your food taste?

I want it spicy (very spicy)


If I'm eating it, it should be made by me


I'm not big on traditional cooking, I'm all about modern variety


I just really love peking duck


1 / 7

Pick a job from the below

An emperor (duh!)


Whatever David Attenborough's job title is


An archaeologist


A fisherman (or woman)


2 / 7

A truly beautiful landscape is...

Filled with towering peaks and lush greenery


The bright lights of a modern metropolis


A sprawl of carefully crafted ancient architecture


Historical landmarks placed side by side with natural beauty


3 / 7

Pick a spiritual animal









4 / 7

Pick a place to live

A bamboo forest


A high-class modern apartment


An ancient palace


Traditional communal living


5 / 7

How would you describe yourself?

I like keeping things relaxed


I want to party and embrace the modern world


It's all about being there for your mates


I'm pretty keen on conquering the world


6 / 7

Best place to go shopping?

A marketplace full of Chinese knick-knacks


Somewhere I can get ultra-cheap fake branded clothes


A street-food market


Who needs shopping, I'll live off the land


7 / 7


Your heart belongs to the natural world. With its limestone mountains, beautiful rivers, and lush countryside, Yangshuo has unsurprisingly earned the nickname, “paradise under heaven.” A sleepy farming and fishing village up until the 1980’s, Yangshuo has since become a popular destination for cyclists, rock climbers and backpackers alike.

Just some of what we do in Yangshuo:

- Practice traditional Chinese cooking
- Bamboo rafting down the Li river
- Explore caves to discover mud baths and hotsprings
- Experience traditional Chinese therapies such as hotcupping


You've got a truly urban soul. Shanghai’s ultra modern hedonism, breathtaking skyline and fast paced lifestyle, make this city one of the most exciting metropolises in the world. Undoubtedly China's most cosmopolitan city, there are plenty of reminders of the West there: whether that's restaurants, shops or bars.

Just some of what we do in Shanghai:

- Visit Nanjing Road, the world's busiest shopping street
- Stroll along the Bund to admire the modern architecture
- Look out over the city in a jacuzzi on top of a skyscraper
- Embrace the city's nightlife on a bar crawl


Your home lies in the splendour and majesty of a truly historic city. Beijing is regarded as the nation’s political, cultural and economic centre and has served as the country's capital for 850 years. With over 3 millenia's worth of history the city is full to the brim of world famous ancient sights.

Just some of what we do in Beijing:

- Camp out and watch the sunrise from the Great Wall
- Visit the Summer Palace and the city's other iconic sights
- Explore the Wangfujing night market


Your soul belongs where traditional rural communities still survive amidst unspoiled natural scenery. Famously said to be 80% mountain, 10% water, and 10% farmland, Fujian is a geographical picture postcard province.

Just some of what we get up to in Fujian:

- Stay in tulou (historic settlements still home to the Hakka people)
- Take a bike tour through the stunning scenery
- Visit and learn about the hills' tea plantations


Your easy going soul belongs in the laid back city of Chengdu. Perhaps most famous for its Panda Research Centre, the city is home to more than 14 million people but it doesn’t have the frantic feel of Beijing or Shanghai.

Just some of what we get up to in Chengdu:

- See pandas galore at the Panda Research Centre
- Watch a traditional Sichuan opera
- Try the province's legendarily spicy Sichuan hot pot


Your fascination with history makes Xi'an the ideal place to settle. Most-famously home to the terracotta warriors, it's a city jam-packed full of ancient sights. With temples, palaces, ancient city walls and traditional markets Xi’an is a wealth of knowledge and adventure.

Just some of what we get up to in Xi'an:

- Visit the terracotta warriors
- Take a bike-ride along the ancient city walls
- Enjoy a dinner of local street foods