Where in the world Should You go Hiking?

Thinking about your next wild adventure? Find out where you are destined to be by taking the quiz
Where's your wild place?

We are all animals. Which one are you?



Polar Bear






Orca Whale


1 / 6

Out of all the colours in the world, you are?

Dusky Yellow


Fiery Red


Sunset Orange


Grass Green


Ocean Blue


2 / 6

It's holiday time. Where are you?

Surfing the high tide


Mountain climbing


Snorkelling with the fish


Beach time. No one talk please


Cave exploration. Not for the faint hearted


3 / 6

It's your last meal on earth. What do you crave?

Sugar glazed donut for my sweet tooth


Avocado, avocado, avocado. On anything really


Paella, si (sustainable of course)


Cheese, glorious cheese


Feeling healthy, bowl of yoghurt please


4 / 6

I'm moving... Got to get there. But how?

Ship. I'm a sailor


I'm walkin' and talkin'


Combi van only


Horseback riding


I'll cycle


5 / 6

I just moved into my dream house. Where is it?

In a rainforest


Overlooking the sea in a beach hut


In a cave


At the top of a tree


The snowy mountain is made for me


6 / 6

Monti Sibillini National Park, Italy

You're an entrepreneur. Smart and energetic, you truly enjoy living on the edge. You've never said no to a challenge before, and that's why you're set to hike around the magical Lago di Pilato. This mysterious, shimmering turquoise lake is the habitat for a freshwater shrimp found nowhere else in the world. Surrounded by a bowl of mountains, this is a magnificent place for a hike.

Golden Mountains of Altai, Russia

Life is never boring around you. Spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic, you're ready to explore - so you're tailor made for the Altai, a very high mountain region in central Asia.
From swampy forest to alpine meadows to glacier zones, via high mountain tundra and steppes, the Golden Mountains of Altai are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spot rare animals and plants, admire the blends of forest green and icy white - this is a spectacular place for a hike.

Treriksroset, Scandinavia

You're a bit quiet and mystical, aren't you? People are forever wondering what you're thinking. Far to the north under the midnight sun, Treriksroset in Lapland is your happy place. Get away from the crowds in the company of reindeers and Christmas trees. Spectacular skies, magnificent rivers - this is a truly jaw-dropping getaway, and tailor-made for you.

Torres del Paine, Patagonia / Chile

You're a wild adventurer. Bold, imaginative and ready for a challenge, Torres del Paine at the remote tip of South America is for you! Pristine rivers, snow covered peaks, icebergs, orcas and the freedom to roam - grab your boots and get going.

Haba Snow Mountains, China

You're the poetic type, and adventure is your number one inspiration. You might not know it yet, but the Haba Mountains in China will be your muse. "Golden Flower", named in the local Naxi language, is the highest of these spectacular peaks. The "Golden Sand" river cuts through the landscape, housing rare animals and plants in its gorges. Forest greens and icy whites are all around you. This is a spectacular place for a hike.