Where Should You Go For Christmas?

Stumped on where to go for your next Christmas adventure? Take our quiz to find the perfect destination for you.

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The perfect afternoon involves:

Shopping for local handicrafts and goat cheese in a charming city.


Renting a bicycle to hop into tiny little villages.


Spotting a tiger in the bamboo forests that inspired Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.


Lazing around the beach.


Hanging out with a group of friends.


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When the sun goes down, you would like to:

Mingle with snake charmers, monkeys, storytellers and magicians.


Catch a live show with friends.


Stuff your face at a street food night market.


Take in opera in a theatre


Watch fireworks and feast on delicious food during a vibrant festival of lights.


Visit the cinema.


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If you were a plant, you would be:



A hibiscus flower.


A palm tree.


A lotus flower.


A magnolia tree.


An apple tree


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Your preferred mode of transportation is:

By camel through sand dunes.


By gondola through canals.


By rice boat through a lagoon.


By tuk-tuk through busy streets.


By parade float.


A boat cruise


A road trip


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5.) When you’re on vacation, you prefer to sleep in:

A floating hotel.


A hut on the beach.


An ocean-front villa.


An old-world, colonial inn.


A hotel surrounded by stables of Arabian horses.


A hostel


A beach resort


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The perfect afternoon sip is:

Mint tea.


A Sazerac cocktail.


A cold beer.


A glass of fine wine.


Chai tea.




Coconut water


Freshly Squeezed Juice


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If you could wear only one thing at all times it would be:

A cowboy hat.


A sari.


A caftan.


Designer leather shoes.


Fisherman pants.


Ankara print






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Your perfect adventure is:


Spend some quality time without breaking the bank! The beautiful cities of Ghana are known for their great beaches, gorgeous hinterland, and, above all else, rich culture.

Your perfect adventure is:


La Dolce Vita! This legendary country is home to some of the most beautiful views, food and wine in the world. Not to mention it is home to some of Europe's best beaches!

Your perfect adventure is:


Broaden your perspective in one of the most spiritually sound countries in the world. Rich in history and tradition, India is known to reignite passion and re-inspire the spirit.

Your perfect adventure is:


You've never seen a capital city quite like Bangkok with it's floating markets, picturesque palaces and silky, white-sand shores.

Your perfect adventure is:


Trekking, beaches and stunning deserts make Morocco the perfect destination for adventurers!

Your perfect adventure is

Relax and enjoy some 'me time' at a fabulous resort in Ikare Island. Located in the beautiful city of Lagos, it is one of the best places to enjoy an ultimate tropical getaway.