Which Animal Are You?

Have you ever wondered which animal you are most similar to? Take this quiz to find out!

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How do you unwind after a busy day?

With a good night's sleep.


Hmmm; maybe I'll entertain dinner guests?


I'll organise my planner, then read a little.


I like to work out. Exercise is my release!


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You're put in charge of planning a holiday away with friends. How do you respond?

It's been so long since I've seen my friends! I can't wait to plan our trip away.


As long as we're going with a small group, I'm happy to plan it.


I'm pretty organised with my own life; planning a holiday is a simple feat!


I want it to be spontaneous and fun; I'll keep planning to a minimum.


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What are your hobbies?

I love travelling and exploring new places!


Chilling out to some music


Nothing beats reading!


I love expressing my creativity through writing or creating art


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You're asked to prepare for a job interview. What method do you choose?

I'd research the company on LinkedIn, and leave no stone unturned in my preparation.


Nerves. Lots of them.


I'd prepare a portfolio of my exciting experiences to take my interviewer through.


Prepare? Not a chance. I'll dazzle them with my improvisation.


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What is your favourite type of food?









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Ollie the Green Iguana

You are Ollie the Green Iguana! You have a shy disposition, and your kind-heart propels you to help others. In your free time, you love sunbathing and relaxing to music.

Harry the Indian Star Tortoise

You got Harry the Indian Star Tortoise! You are outgoing, fun and sporty. Your cheerful disposition makes you well-loved by others, and you enjoy socialising and going on adventures!

Max the Ball Python

You are like Max the Ball Python! Reserved, yet introspective, you are intelligent and have a great eye for detail. Your hobbies include reading and dancing.

Eliza the Flying Lemur

You got Eliza the Flying Lemur! Your bubbly nature and great sense of humour makes you popular among your peers. You are creative and brimming with ideas, making you an asset wherever you go. You dislike boredom and often find creative outlets to express yourself, such as drawing or writing.