Which Asian countries should you visit?

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For you, traveling to Asia evokes thoughts of:

A coconut in your hands and your toes in the sand :)


Exploring ancient temples-Lara Croft style!


Wandering through narrow alleys and sipping tea in cute cafes, possibly with cats involved.  


Hiking up volcanos, trekking through lush jungles and vast rice paddies, spotting monkeys and exotic birds along the way. 


Eating everything you can get your hands on-maybe even some bugs!


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Which travel activities do you like the most?

Shopping! You love hunting down the perfect unique items to bring home to remember your trip. 


Cooking classes and guided tours. You love to learn when you travel and go back home with some new skills.


 Anything in nature! Ziplining, hiking, swimming in waterfalls, finding hidden beaches. Outside is your happy place.


Wandering on your own. You love to explore cities and see where the day takes you with no particular agenda in mind.


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Which of these describes the food you want to try?

Something with lots of bold flavors! Spicy, sweet, salty, crunchy, you love it all. You aren't afraid of trying foods that are out of your comfort zone.


Something hearty and comforting, with simple ingredients that combined create a symphony of flavor. 


All of the fruits! You love the bright colors and tropical tastes of pineapples, mangos, coconuts, dragon fruit, and are even looking forward to trying durian-the most controversial fruit in Asia! 


Food isn't a huge priority. You like trying local specialties, but also want the option to order pizza when you're craving a taste of home. 


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Which of these statements best describes your Asia travel aspirations?

I want to learn as much as possible about the culture and history. 


I dream of exploring ancient wonders and getting amazing photos of my adventures. 


I want to be in nature as much as possible, and maybe even do some yoga. 


I want to hit the streets and get caught up in the excitement of modern city life. 


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Quick! Click the photo that you like the most.













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Complete this thought, "I'd rather be..."













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Which activities appeal most to you?

Massages, yoga, surfing, relaxing by the ocean. 


Hiking, biking, kayaking, zip-lining, being outdoors.


Street food tours, cooking classes, eating at the best restaurants. 


Drinking at trendy rooftop bars, shopping, feeling the buzz and energy of city life. 


I want a little bit of everything!


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Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia

You love variety when you travel! From stunning beaches to lush jungles, ancient wonders to modern cities, you want to explore it all. Trying exciting foods and learning about different cultures is important to you, and you also love a bit of shopping and nightlife thrown in the mix. Countries in Southeast Asia are right up your alley! You would love the vibrant cultures of Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and China

History, ancient wonders, delicious cuisine, and a thirst for adventure drive your wanderlust. You love to go beyond the tourist attractions and learn about the cultures and traditions that have shaped the places you visit. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and China are your cup of tea. These East Asian countries have deep and rich histories and impressive modern advances that you will love to explore.

The Philippines and Indonesia

Finding hidden beaches, chasing waterfalls, and exploring lush jungles is your idea of a great holiday. You love to learn about vibrant cultures and traditions, especially if there is delicious food involved. Drinking coconuts with your toes in the sand and a book in your hands is icing on the cake! The Philippines and Indonesia are two countries that you will love, with stunning nature and countless adventurous activities for you to enjoy.


You are driven by adventure and are open to new experiences. You don't shy away from the unknown and love to travel to places that help you grow and expand your world view. India is the country for you. There is incredible variety in India, from the Himalayas in the north to the beaches of Goa, the palaces and forts of Rajasthan to bustling cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. Every state in India could be its own country, with food, cultures, religions, and languages varying as you go. India allows you experience the depth and breadth of humanity from the highest highs to the lowest lows. Your adventurous spirit will love incredible India.