Which Bird Are You?

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What is your dream vacation?

Costa Rican Rainforest




Alaskan Tundra


New Zealand


Railay Beach, Thailand


Forest of Knives, Madagascar


Moscow, Russia


1 / 10

Which activity do you most enjoy doing?



Reading and writing


Any sport




Snowball fight!


Anything with my friends!


I'm cool with anything


Anything completely and totally random


2 / 10

What is your favorite gem?







Black Diamond






3 / 10

Pick a color











4 / 10

Which wonder if the sky do you want to see?

Northern Lights


Southern Lights


Shooting star




5 / 10

Pick a sky image

This one


This one


This one


This one


This one


6 / 10

Where would you migrate to?







At the foot of the mountains


Tropical house on the water?




Can't I just stay where I am?


7 / 10

Pick a magical artifact

Wand-I can perform any spell


Amulet-puts a protection charm on me


Staff-glimpses of the future


Crown-Infinite power!!!!


Ring-can intertwine people's fates


8 / 10

Pick some plumage











These are all awful


9 / 10

Where would you find yourself soaring above?

A forest


Someplace tropical




A (gorgeous, it has to be) waterfall


The arctic


Wherever life takes me


10 / 10


You like to soar free and wild-you like to seize the day and tend to be a bit aggressive, but you always get what you want in the end so it’s all good! You like to learn and can pick up new things quickly.


You really enjoy the world around you, especially nature. You’re not picky by any means and have a tight group of friends. You’re known for your big opinions.

Kiwi Bird

You are kind and funny! You tend to have a tight, small group of friends that know you really well. You make jokes that in your opinion are good, but everyone else says they suck! You are ‘innocent’-well, at least most of the time!

Himalayan Monal

You are bright and have a colorful personality. You have a tendency to like new and exotic things. You like the arts, especially music and art which you enjoy, and are really good at them, too. You have lots of good friends who are willing to stand by your side no matter what.


You love winter, you keep warm, are super kind and friendly and prefer a tight group of friends. You are not much of a daredevil, and you don’t try new things that much but you just stick to your norms. You are carefree, generous and super chill and you are a very good listener.


You are graceful, calm, and think highly of yourself. Unfortunately, you are kind of a narcissist. You like to be noticed and have a dramatic flair. You love theater and the drama that comes with it.


You are calm, smart, and you love reading. You enjoy the night, and love being sneaky. You are observant and extremely detail-oriented. You like to read, you’re more of an introvert and you have a close group of friends and you’ve known them for a long time.


You are on the shy side, but once people get to know you they know that you definitely have a bubbly and bright personality. You are energetic, very good at communicating with others, and compassionate, too.


(*Gasp!* ( ゚ヮ゚) Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Butterfly!)

You’re crazy and exotic just like the place you live there will never be anyone remotely like you. You are extremely hyper, crazy, fun, and bright, and you enjoy every little moment of it! So do your friends-though sometimes they think you’re a bit too crazy. You stay in the moment and want to live up your life to the fullest! \ (•◡•) /


You are loud and fun! You’re usually the center of attention because that’s where all the action is! You are optimistic and really don’t like negative people. You are also creative.