Which city should you move to next? 

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What weather do you prefer? 

The cold never bothered me anyway


Not too cold not too hot


Bring on the heat


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How would you like to spend your next long weekend? 

Sipping a margarita at the beach


Trying upscale eater-approved restaurants


Exploring a new city


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Which case team event would you be most likely to begrudgingly show up for? 

Free falling into a giant bean bag


Cocktails served by a Mad Hatter at an Alice in Wonderland themed bar


Hour car ride to a botanical garden


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Surprise! You just won the lottery and have decided to purchase yourself a vacation home. You're browsing listings for a: 

Beach house


Lake house


City apartment


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Now pick a tree to plant outside the window of your new home. 





White oak


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This new lottery-winner lifestyle requires an exotic pet. Which would you like? 







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Who were you in high school? 

Southern Belle


Go with the flow




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What kind of music did you listen to this morning? 

Top 40 hits




I didn't listen to music I listened to a podcast


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In a parallel universe, you're making your living as: 

Cowboys cheerleader


Front man of a Jimmy Buffet cover band


Lacrosse coach at a boarding school 


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Which Hogwarts house are you? 







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You've got a first date tonight! Dress to impress - which item can you simply NOT leave your house without? 

A fringed denim vest




Pastel pants and a matching bow-tie


11 / 12

Where would you like to go to dinner tonight? 



Bartaco but next to a Sprinkles


Not bartaco


12 / 12

Norwalk, CT

Pack your parka -- you're off to CT! Home of the world's best bartaco, you won't be left wanting when it comes to dinners out. Only a short train ride away from the Big Apple, and don't forget your selfie stick for the post-train rickshaw ride!

Dallas, TX

Barbecue, The Adolphus, good weather - what more can you ask for? Everything is bigger in Texas, including free-fall experiences, so plan accordingly.

Tampa, FL

Case team event at Epcot, you say? Only an hour from your new home! Grab your sunglasses and get ready for the sunshine state, but don't forget your sweater-it's a bit chilly in the hotel lobby. It's worth it though - I heard the barista there is top notch.