Which Cocktail Dress are You?

Who doesn’t like getting invited to a party? The problem arises with the age-old question, “What should I wear?”. Women always have a long list of options to choose from, but they must possess a few pieces that are sure to set them apart from the crowd. Whatever may be the occasion, a cocktail dress is for everyone.

To ensure you that you turn heads while walking through parties, take this quiz and find out the type of cocktail dress that you are.

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Which of these traits describe you the best?



Sense of Humour




1 / 7

Which exercise out of these would you start your day with?







2 / 7

Where would you like to go for a vacation?







3 / 7

How would you describe your daily style?

Versatile and refined


Glamorous and trendy


Relaxed and comfortable


4 / 7

What is your idea of having fun at a party?



Making out with my beau


Sitting in a corner and judging others


5 / 7

Which one of these sounds like your type of dress?

Animal Prints






6 / 7

What is your favorite accessory?







7 / 7

You’re a ‘Little Black Cocktail Dress’.

You are elegant, classy and versatile. While dressing up, you like to play it safe. Your wardrobe always possesses the essentials that make you effortlessly beautiful.

You’re an ‘Embellished Cocktail Dress’.

Being on top of the latest fashion trends is what you love to do. Sequins, rhinestones, beading, and embroidery speak to you. You are glamorous and polished.

You’re a ‘Long Sleeved Cocktail Dress’.

Your idea of dressing up involves looking graceful and sophisticated, but being warm and comfortable at the same time. You always like to add a mystery to your look.