Which Desert Animal are You? 

The Sonoran Desert has thousands of animals! From bobcats to bighorn sheep, packrats to pipevine swallowtails, tortoises to tarantulas--- and everything in between. Ever wondered whooo you'd be at the Desert Museum? 

Find out NoW

At a party are you...?

Talking with everyone! 


Wearing too much cologne


Perched on the mantel watching the action


Buzzing around the drink station


Playing with the dog


Trying to blend into the background


Casually mingling with people 


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Were you born in the Sonoran Desert?

Yes, and stayed there since


Yes, but moved away


No, and still don't live there


No, but moved there as fast as possible!


What's the Sonoran Desert? I call the world home. 


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When are you most productive?

Dusk and dawn


During the day


I'm definitely a nocturnal creature


Anytime really, it depends on the temperature


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What're you chowing down on?

Veggies! Eat your greens. 


I've got a mean sweet tooth. 


Anything really. I am not picky. 


I'm a pescatarian and always ask if it's sustainable! 


I like crunchy, salty snacks. 


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When I'm around others...

I get mentally worn out


I love it! I'm part of a team


It's cool. I can go with the flow. 


People? No. Leave me alone. 


If it's the right person it's fine. 


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What's your view on parental care?

Having kids might be OK if I didn't have to raise them. 


Being a parent is my goal in life.


Not for me but I love my friend's kids.


I'll commit when the time is right. 


I'd have 400 at a time if I could. 


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I'm most comfortable surrounded by...



Sand & Water


Others of my own species




7 / 7

Desert Tortoise

You're social when needed but prefer your own company. While your wardrobe is sensible, it certainly doesn't draw attention. Vegetarian lifestyle is key and you always carry a water bottle! You might want kids someday and will hold onto your options until just the right environmental conditions present themselves.


You're a down-to-earth desert dweller with fierce loyalty to friends. Large families with children underfoot doesn't faze you; after all you have a herd mentality. You're an opportunistic eater-- if there's an opportunity, you'll eat!

Prairie Dog

You're a warm blooded social butterfly! You love the company of others and know how to keep the conversation going. When not at yoga class, you can be found at the salad bar. Friends and family rely on you for help- you're a vital part of their well being and a key player in your community.


Who needs social interaction? Not you! You're most comfortable in your own home and quite content to sneak out under the cover of darkness. You're remarkably shy, but a gentle, delightful friend to get to know. Potentially a prolific breeder. Hates wasps.

Barn Owl

You're a keen observer of human nature and feel most comfortable watching from afar. You're a world traveler and have been to almost all the continents! Friends literally call you a night owl and you enjoy an incredibly specific diet. Buuuurrp.


Your manta-ra: Just keep swimming. You're a water baby and feel most comfortable in the ocean. Well informed, you stay up on current events. Others might be wary- but no worries. Beneath your pointed barbs you're just a big marshmallow.


You're just the sweetest friend in your group! Running grocery errands at a moment's notice or babysitting for friends isn't unusual for you. Auntie is your proudest title. You might not be from the desert, but you love it here and call it home.