Which Disciple Are You?

Are you sensible or bombastic? Are you a philosopher or a caretaker? Take this quiz and learn which of the 

original twelve you most resemble.

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How do you take your coffee?

Straight up (no cream or sugar)


However Starbucks makes it for me


 Lots of sugar  (cream, ugh!)


   Lots of cream   (sugar, ugh!)


Cream and sugar and ?




1 / 6

What is your favorite color?











Black and White


2 / 6

How do you spend your free time?





Physical activity


Screen time


Visiting with friends


Free time?


3 / 6

You're in charge of planning a family event...what it the first thing you do?



Call everyone


Make a list


Create a Facebook event and coordinate from there


Make Pinterest board


Give everyone a job


4 / 6

Pick a favorite food

Italian cuisine






Mexican cuisine


Burgers and fries


Friday fish fry


5 / 6

What is your favorite summertime activity?









Day trips


No schedule!


6 / 6

Thomas - The Sensible Builder

Like Thomas, you are a courageous and hands-on person. You like to see things with your own eyes and build things with your own hands. You have an adventurous spirit that propels you to experience new things and visit new places. You are often bold and willing to challenge others.

Your role as a disciple of Christ is that of a builder and traveler. Your sense of adventure and your courage bring you into contact with people from all walks of life. These interactions give you the opportunity to share the Gospel and build the Kingdom of God in places others dare not venture.

Philip - The Nonjudgmental Philosopher

Like Philip, you are an inquisitive and analytical person. You are open to exploring new ideas and testing them with the tools of logic and reason. You tackle the "big questions" about life and the universe, and others often look to you for insight.

Your role as a disciple of Christ is that of an open-minded and nonjudgmental philosopher. You inspire debate and thought-provoking dialogue that challenges others to "come and see" what Jesus is all about.

Peter - The Persuasive Influencer

Like Peter, you are a passionate and spontaneous person. Your enthusiasm and commitment to a cause are infectious, and others look to you for inspiration and encouragement. You are a person of action. When you feel strongly about something, you don't hesitate to make it a reality. You can also be quite persuasive. You are skilled at communicating on a personal and emotional level and any person can connect with you.

Your role as a disciple of Christ is that of an influencer and persuader. Whether out in front of a group or sharing your passion more privately, you have the ability to tell the story of Christ through your words and actions.

Bartholomew - The Generous Caretaker

Like Bartholomew, you are a loyal and honest person. You seek to do the right thing whenever possible, and you try hard to conform to the expectations and values of your family or social group. Within your group, you are trusting and generous. Others see you as someone who can be relied upon to support and help them in their time of need.

Your role as a disciple of Christ is that of a loyal and generous caretaker. You have great compassion for orphans, widows, and those who are struggling. Others look to you as an example of Christ's virtue and love.

John - The Visionary Prophet

Like John, you are a deeply spiritual and emotional person. You are a keen observer of relationships and personal character, often seeing connections and patterns that others miss. You are an imaginative dreamer with a strong grasp of spiritual matters and the purpose of human existence. You can also be extremely dedicated and loving.

Your role as a disciple of Christ is one of a visionary or prophet. You speak the truth as you see it, even if it can't be proven or isn't popular. Others may see you as mystical or possessing a connection with Christ that goes beyond their comprehension. Yet, in your most honest moments, you know that your greatest strength lies not in your love for Christ, but in His love for you.

Andrew -  The Relationship Builder

Like Andrew, you are a loyal and empathetic person. You have an intuitive understanding of people and relationships. You try to foster a sense of community and enjoy helping others grow and develop. You are often the first person to reach out to someone you sense needs your help. You are also eager to embrace changes that will make the world a better place.

Your role as a disciple of Christ is that of a relationship builder. You naturally share in the emotions of others and are eager to bring them into a personal relationship with Christ.