Which Famous City Should You Live In?

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What's your city style?





Fine Dining


Drinks and TV




Doing nothing while being stuck in endless traffic


1 / 10

What do you wear to a party?

Who has time for parties?


Something SUPER 'in'


Casual but fashionable


Whatever I usually wear


Something more trendy than what I was wearing this morning


Doesn't matter-It'll be off by midnight anyways


2 / 10

If you had a million dollars, you would...

Buy a ton of cool foods and handicrafts


Save some, spend some


Get a private island


Buy a private jet or yacht


Upgrade to a bigger house, a fancy one this time-good byyyyyyyyyyyye apartment!


Share with my family and donate some


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These people irritate you the most:

People trying to be popular


People who show off


People who brag


People who bully


People who don't shut up


People who have a ton of money


4 / 10

What kind of pace do you prefer?

Fast, nonstop action


Crazy and full of parties


I set my own pace


Calm and laid back


Fast, but not super fast




5 / 10

Pick a music genre











These all suck


6 / 10

Pick a sport







Martial Arts






7 / 10

What's your makeup style?

Mostly lipstick


Just a little powder


Nothing usually-but for parties...that's a different story


Maybe a little for a play


None-I don't do that stuff




8 / 10

What's your favorite type of weather?

Extreme!!! Super hot summer, freezing winter, perfect fall, and spring


Mild everything, mild summers, mild winters, beautiful springs, and falls


Pleasantly warm year round


Pretty warm, though not too warm


Hot. Everything hot.


9 / 10

Where would you go on vacation?

All the biggest landmarks




IDK, but I'll do it with my friends


Somewhere with ancient and historic places


10 / 10

Paris, France

You are an artist and a dreamer. Your friends have told you before you are very in-style and chic-and they might be right! You want to live a life of passion and vigor, filled with great coffee, amazing desserts, and other world-class food. Bon voyage, you belong in Paris!

London, England

You like to see landmarks and have a ready-for-anything personality. You are always calm and are ready to go-with-the-flow, though you can be stubborn at times and you stick to your norms. You are a voyager and eager to see this world inside out-and London is the place for you to go!

New York, The United States of America

America's largest city will ensure that you will blend into the crowd. You don't mind being with way too many people, and you are a natural at staying up really late-after all, you'd live in 'the city that never sleeps!' You are introspective and slightly eccentric and NYC's ambience will appeal to you. Out with the old, in with the new!

Los Angeles, The United States of America

You are snarky, headstrong, and love your partying. You have your ethics, but you're not afraid to abandon them to have a good time. You are big on fashion and you have a popular and trendy look and take on life. It takes a certain type of confidence to make it in sunny L.A., and you may have what it takes!

Tokyo, Japan

Welcome to Tokyo! You are outgoing and ready to try new things. You don't mind spicy or odd food and delicacies. Your young side will delight in all the things to do, and lucky for you, Tokyo's still growing! You will love the music, food, and festivals, and Tokyo is the place to go!

New Delhi, India

Namaste! (that's a greeting). You love your history, geography, and love to learn. You're okay with big crowds-if you're not, retake the quiz-you wouldn't survive a day. You are very patient because, yes, you will get stuck in traffic, but's it's worth it. You have a colorful personality, love crazy and spicy food, and will love the color and 'organised chaos' of India. Start packing!