Which form of writing therapy is right for you?

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When I am stressed I like to:

Eat. That is the only thing that calms me down


I relax by watching Tv


I go for a walk outside


I'm always calm


I like to write


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When I think about the past:

I feel a little anxious


I know it got me where I am today


I wish I could change it


I think those were the best days of my life


Why think about the past? It is gone, I live in the now


I feel confident that I can get past every obstacle


2 / 9

People describe me as:



An empath


An extrovert




An introvert




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I deal with conflict:

In an assertive way


I'm agreeable so I don't get in those kinds of situations


Avoid at all cost!


I make people see that I am right!


I have a gentle approach yet somehow it always seems to get out of hand


Head on! I always speak my mind no matter what


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As a child I wanted to be:

An actor


A writer


A doctor


An architect


I don't remember


So many things I can't single out just one


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In my spare time I like to

Spend quality time with family


Go hiking


I'm really busy and my free time is spend in work related activities


Go out with friends


Be in nature


I have a hobby that I like to devote my  time to


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If someone betrayed me I would:

Get back at them right away!


What goes around comes around. Karma would get them:)


I would confront them to see way


Ignore them for the rest of my life


Try to find out why they did it through a mutual friend


I have no idea. Depends on the person and circumstance


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When I have a problem

I put it all on paper and rationally think about it


I ask a friend for an advice


I consult a therapist


Seek expert opinion on it (depending on a problem)


I put of solving it till the last minute


I try avoiding it if possible


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Which for of writing therapy do you feel is right for you?

Expressive therapy. I have some things from the past I want to let go of


Scripting and creative writing. I love to let my imagination flow


Automatic writing. I want to get in touch with my intuition more


Letters. I have some forgiveness work I need to do


Email therapy. I like to write but also get an insight from another person


Journaling. I like to write about my thoughts and feelings daily


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You like to express your thoughts and write about everyday events. This gives you a perspective on where you have been and it helps you decide where you want to go.

This is a creative expression in which you enjoy. You probably kept a journal when you were a child and you like to remissness from time to time.

You are a focused and expressive individual. You know you can make anything happen if you set your mind to it.

You like to spend time with your social group and have fun from time to time. People like you because you don't get involved in the drama. Journaling helps you clear your mind, and focus on your goals and not on everyones problems.

A little advice for you is not to live in the past by revisiting old memories all the time but to focus on the future.

Letters (fictional)

When we are stressed or have trouble in our relationships we need some kind of outlet.

Writing fictional letters can help you get rid of resentment, sadness and anger.

You are probably an empath and you want to always be there for other people. People love you for your ability to truly listen to them and you feel bad saying no to them. This can result in you feeling stressed all the time.

You can help everyone by putting yourself in the place you deserve which in your life is first place!

A way to use this technique is to write a letter to anyone who is bothering you at the moment. Perhaps it is an angry letter, or a forgiveness letter. Maybe even it is just letting the emotions out regarding a relationship. After you are done you can destroy the letter and get rid of the energy.

A little advice for you is to learn to say no in a gentle way.

Expressive writing

If you had a stressful event that is hard to let go of expressive therapy is the one for you.

Maybe you feel a little stuck in life and you don't like where you are headed. But remember you are a strong person and a creator so you can make your life anything you want.

Use this form of therapy to free your energy space because just like in your house you need to let go of something old to let something new inside.

The way to do this is to write everyday for about 15 minutes about the most stressful event that you feel is stopping you from the life you desire.

Do this for about five days and see where you are at! After that you can switch to some other technique.

A little advice for you is never to give up you are more loved and supported than you will ever know!

Scripting and creative writing

You are a dreamer and you have a strong imagination. You like to let your creativity out.

You are attune with the world around you and like spending time in Nature.

You can put your imagination to use and write daily about the lifestyle you want to attract in your life. As you feel into this you will start to notice the signs and than the slight changes that will support you on your way to your wanted lifestyle.

A little advice for you is not to forget to follow up on the intuitive action that will get you to your goal faster.

Automatic writing

You are into spirituality, laws of the Universe and you like to invest in your personal growth.

People like you for the great advice you give without judgement.

Automatic writing is a great way to enhance your spiritual growth and to stay in touch with your inner being.

All you need to do is take pen and paper and start writing whatever comes to mind. Soon your higher self will take over and this way you can get great insights and advice.

A little note for you is not to forget that we all choose the full experience on Earth the material as well as the spiritual. Balance is the key.

Email therapy

You are a focused person, and probably very busy. You are modern and like technology.

You menage time well in all areas of your life, and you are very realistic.

You know when you need a little advice from someone who is objective which is why email therapy works for you. You get to choose the time and place that is best for you to get the advice you need.

Your will power and focus assists you in achieving goals which is way other people look up to you.

A little note for you is too include more flexibility into your life. Life is a flow.