Which Halloween Costume Best Suits Your Pet?

What should your pet dress as for the spooky season?

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It's Halloween night! You've got a few friends over - but what's your pet up to?

Barking or hissing at Trick or Treaters from the yard. Why on earth would you want ghosts wandering around on the lawn!?


Skulking at the window, judging people's costumes as they walk past.


Sitting in the kitchen, looking for some pumpkin to eat. Or anything to eat, really.


Was that a knock on the door!? Quick, HIDE! It could be a zombie!


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Trick or Treaters are at the door. Your pet is in charge of giving away treats! What do they point their nose at first?

Treats? A trick sounds WAY more fun!


A candy apple. Sweet on the outside, disappointing on the inside.


Home-made Halloween cupcakes. Made with love!


Pre-packaged candy bars - something everyone likes.


2 / 10

Now it's time for a scary movie. What would your pet choose (if they could)?

The Exorcist


Hocus Pocus


The Blair Witch Project


The Omen


3 / 10

During the movie, a jump-scare startles everyone in the room. Your pet...

Bolts three rooms over.


Doesn't see it - they're fast asleep.


Leaps at the screen to protect the innocent!


Saw it coming, duh.


4 / 10

After the movie, you all decide it'd be fun to sneak around a creepy part of the neighbourhood. Your pet takes the lead. Where do they go?

The cemetery - a classic haunt for All Hallow's Eve!


Into the woods. Why? No one knows...


An abandoned house, with lots of nooks to explore


A tangled, overgrown orchard with a scarecrow


5 / 10

Suddenly your pet stumbles upon a creepy box of old dolls. Before you can stop them, they leap at:

A soft patchwork doll - perfect for tug-o-war!


A plastic doll with plenty of chewing potential


A beautiful antique doll. It could be worth money!


The smelliest, oldest doll in the box


6 / 10

Grabbing the doll in their mouth, your pet runs back the way you came. Can you keep up with them?

No way - they're already a blur way ahead of us!


Almost. They seem to think it's play-time and run as soon as we get close!


Easily. My pet tends to travel at a leisurely trot...


They're moving pretty quick, but I can keep them in sight.


7 / 10

Luckily, your pet ran straight home. You really want to get that old doll out of their mouth - what treat do you tempt them with?

A peanut butter-flavoured cookie


Some delicious jerky


A meaty, raw bone


Anything in a packet that'll get their attention when shaken


8 / 10

While your pet is occupied, you inspect the doll. It's freaky, but you feel bad taking away your pet's new toy. What new toy would they prefer instead?

Something they can chase


Something that dispenses treats!


Something they can chew


Something they can cuddle with


9 / 10

With the promise of a new toy, it's time for bed. You and your pet climb into your very cosy bed. What will your pet dream about tonight, do you think?

A wild hunt by moonlight


A world made exclusively of kibble


Their friends - human or otherwise!


World domination


10 / 10

Your pet should be: a devil!

Your pet is a little cheeky, a little assertive, but all in all loves to have fun. A devil suits them perfectly - and might even bring out their wicked side!

Your pet should be: a witch!

A little bit sassy, a little bit clever...a witch perfectly suits your pet's lifestyle. Witches tend to do things on their own terms - cuddles and playtime are when they say it is (unless you can tempt them otherwise!)

Your pet should be: a pumpkin!

Just like a good old Jack-o-Lantern, your pet has a warm heart on the inside. Loving and maybe a bit goofy, chances are that Pumpkins love food as well! After all, who doesn't?

Your pet should be: a spider!

Spiders are shy and sometimes a little skittish - but that's okay! They have a sweet personality, which shines through the more people get to know them.