Which Home Decor Accent Are You Most Like?

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What does your typical weekend look like?

Napping all day


Thrift shopping


Binge watching Netflix shows


Partying with friends




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How would your friends describe you?











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What is your favorite food?





Burgers & fries






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What's your dream vacation destination?











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You Are A Succulent!

Extremely chill and go-with-the-flow, you're the type of person who enjoys hanging out with friends, but doesn't mind staying at home and catching up on some TV shows. Cool and confident, you feel comfortable and relaxed in almost any environment. You don't need much to live a happy life except water and sunlight!

You Are A French Press!

Ever so dedicated towards achieving your goals, you are a passionate and studious person. You embody the "work hard, play hard" attitude and all your friends are impressed and inspired by your hustle. Don't become so busy you forget to sleep, but if you do, a coffee press will sure come in handy!

You Are A Salt Lamp

Sweet, calm, and caring, you are an extremely friendly person who always makes others feel at ease when they are around you. Sensitive to the needs of those around you, you have no problem standing up for your friends and helping them with whatever they may need. You exude warmth and love to everyone you meet!

You Are A Record Player

You are an incredibly fun and free spirit! Always up to try new and exciting things, you thrive on adventure and welcome new experiences. It's no wonder people are naturally drawn to the exuberance and joy that you have. You are the life of any party you go to!

You Are A Wine Crate

You are a thrifty and resourceful person who sees the best in everyone and everything! You can stay positive in almost any situation and are the best at cheering up your friends when they are upset. You love spending your time creating new things and thinking out ways to solve a problem with unique and original ideas.