Which Is the Right Breed For You?

Take this quiz to find out the right dog breed for you!

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Step 1: which size dog would you like?







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Step 2: do you live in a:





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Step 3: your yard size

no yard


small yard


big yard


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Step 4: kids or other animals?









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Step 5: first time dog owner?

first time owner




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Step 6: dog characteristic





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Step 7: how long will they spend alone?

little time


under 4 hours


a work day


more than 8 hours


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Step 8: exercise

(not a lot)


(a lot)


8 / 8

Golden Retriever

You want a bigger dog because you live in a house with some amount of yard. A golden retriever is a great family dog fro beginners or expert dog owners. They can be great family dogs, but you shouldn't leave them at home for longer than 8 days. Golden Retrievers love outdoor exercise, be sure to allow them some sort of athletic activity at least once a day!

German Shepherd

You want a large dog who are more protective dogs. You live in a house with some type of yard because your German Shepherd needs space to run and get some exercise.

French Bulldog

You want a small dog that can be left alone for longer periods of time. A french bulldog can live in a smaller house or apartment with less of a yard and don't need as much exercise. A french bulldog is a great family dog as well!


You want a small dog that can live in a smaller space. The Chihuahua is an ideal city pet, but needs a little bit more training due to it's "big dog attitude".


You want a medium sized dog who is great with family, but also requires a lot of exercise due to its excitable and curious nature. Beagles are great for those who live in the suburbs and shouldn't be left alone for longer than 8 hours.

English Springer Spaniel

You want a medium sized dog that can be both a family and guard dog. A Springer Spaniel can be left at home for a little while, but tend to get excitable. They also have a tendency to bark more than normal, but overall are affectionate family dogs.


You want a large dog that doesn't need too much exercise. Bullmastiffs are big couch potatoes and can be either a guard dog or family dog depending on how you choose to train them.