Which kind of Straw do You need?

7 Quick Questions to find the Perfect Straw for You!

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Why are you interested in Eco-Friendly Straws?

I want to help the Environment!


It's Good Marketing for my Restaurant/Café/Bar


I want to Educate my Kids.


For some Extra Likes on Instagram


I've got a big event/party coming up


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Do you tend to be around small kids a lot?

All the time


Most of the time




Kids? Where?


2 / 7

Favourite Drinks?



Bubble Tea / Smoothies


Cocktails & Anything with Alcohol




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Would you like your Straw to serve as a Backup Weapon?

Yes, never know when drink-stealing ninjas might show up.


Absolutely not.


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Are you pretty clumsy?

'Clumsy' is my middle name


Not really


5 / 7

Do you hate doing the dishes?



Meh, don't really mind.


What? I love cleaning! Germs? Dirt? Yuck!


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Pick One





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You talk the talk AND walk the walk. You actually care about the environment, and want to make a change happen. You're probably the 'hipster' among your friends, and you know they love you for it.

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Compostable, Natural, well... it's got the whole shabang. If you're ditching plastic straws, might as well go all in and get something 100% Natural. Way to go!


You're the neat and classy one. It's not that you like cleaning, but you just hate germs and dirt. Your friends and family often say that you overdo it, but deep inside, they're really thankful for having you.

The Glass Straw is elegant and photographs really nicely. If you worry about it breaking, most of them are made of Borosilicate Glass, which is extra-resistant to shattering.

Stainless Steel

You're looking for something that's durable, convenient and gives great bang for your buck. You're pretty much a no-nonsense kind of person, weighing the pros and cons before everything - you're the logical one among your friends.

Stainless Steel straws are Durable, Easy to Clean and Reliable. They will last you a lifetime and you'll find that they're absolutely worth it.


Safety is no joke, and you are probably the most responsible one among your friends. Kids tend to be around you quite a lot, and you absolutely love them.

Silicone straws are the safest straws on the market. Ultra-Hygienic, Child-Friendly and Recyclable, they are any family-oriented person's essential tool.


Nobody's got money to waste on expensive straws. You do love the environment, sea turtles and all that, but someone's got to pay the bills.

Paper straws are the cheapest alternatives to plastic straws. Great for big parties and events, the paper straw is just the most cost-effective straw.