Which necklace best suits your style?

This quiz will determine which necklace best suits your style. The quiz taker will discover if they best suit a Locket, Simple Chain, Choker, or Bib style necklace. Use this quiz template for your jewelry ecommerce business to better understand your customers, generate leads, and increase your sales through personalized recommendations.

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Quiz Transcript

Which necklace best suits your style?

Our inspired jewelry line hits all the right notes with bespoke necklaces inspired by your style. Take our short quiz below to discover which necklace style will showcase your vibe.

Find Your Necklace Style Match

Which famous necklace speaks to you?

La Coeur De La Mer, from the Titanic. Such a beautiful piece with such a powerful story! If only it opened up to hold a lock of Jack’s hair!


Princess Diana’s sapphire and pearl choker necklace. You can tell she was exploring her sexier side when she bared her shoulders in public. GASP!


Cleopatra’s Torc! I love me some statement jewelry!


Hermione’s Time Turner. I love a long, elegant chain that holds a delicately powerful treasure!


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How would you describe your style?

Soft, romantic, cozy


Bold, dynamic, artsy


Saucy, sassy, and sexy!


Timeless, chic, understated


2 / 7

What necklines do you tend to gravitate towards?

High collars or scarves, nothing too revealing or sexy.


Gimme fun strapless dresses and thin strapped tops with plenty of room for adornment! #FreeTheCollarbone!


I’m all about the cozy sweaters and soft, feminine necklines.


I like slinky, sexy tops that feel empowering and bring attention to my throat.


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Sum up your vibe in one word.









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What kind of quality do you look for in a new jewelry piece?

Only the most precious gems and metals for this lady!


I’m pretty sensitive to most cheaper materials, so prefer to stick with platinum and gold.


I like bold costume looks, and I’m fine if they’re made of resin and rhinestones!


I like quality, but I love a great deal even more!


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Do you often receive jewelry as a gift?

I shudder to think what my partner would pick for me. Do you have a registry so I can point them in the right direction?


My partner is so tuned into my style, I love when they buy me a new piece.


I love sparkly gifts! My friends and fam know my fave gifts come in little black boxes!


I’m too picky to let others buy jewelry for me. In fact, do you do custom commissions?


6 / 7

What do you want people to think when they see a new necklace around your neck?

Girl, I wish I could pull that off! Where did you find such a unique piece?


What an elegantly romantic piece! I feel like there’s a story behind it!


Hot mama! She looks strong, fierce, and totally on fire!


You really can’t go wrong with classic chic!


7 / 7

Your classic style suits a Simple Chain Necklace

Your style is subtle, deceptively simple, and classically elegant, which means your jewelry needs to be equally as chic. Clunky statement jewelry is too loud for a sophisticate like you, so you tend to lean towards pieces with clean lines made from only the finest quality materials.

While a simple chain (with or without a tastefully small pendant) is your go-to for every day looks, you could create more edge with a Lariat chain.

No rhinestone cowboys here, our Diamond Lariat is an elegant rope chain featuring woven strands of platinum, rose gold, and black titanium, with a full carat (sustainable and conflict-free) Canadian diamond dangling from either end in a full bezel setting.

This piece can be customized to suit your taste, with your preferred metals and precious gems, and even a hidden message laser engraved for an intimate memory.

Your sexy style suits a Choker Necklace 

You’re a bit of a flirt, and your sassy side can’t resist the sensual appeal of a choker necklace. Whether or not you like the idea of being collared, there’s no denying there’s something powerful and sexy about a choker necklace.

No wonder they keep cropping up throughout time to grace the necks of Celtic tribes, Romance era socialites, and even David Bowie! That’s why we called our diamond-encrusted choker necklace The Stardust, to dazzle in memory of Ziggy’s Glam Pop glory daze!

Packed with sustainable conflict-free Canadian diamonds, The Stardust will make you feel like a sexy little star studded kitten, just like Bowie would have wanted. Or branch out and choose from a rainbow of stones to make your own bespoke collar of your dreams!

Your romantic style suits a Locket/Pendant Necklace

If running barefoot down the torch-lit hallways of a beautiful castle while wearing a flowing diaphanous gown is your idea of romantic whimsy, then chances are pretty good you’ve sighed wistfully over the imagined stories behind every locket you’ve seen on display at the vintage stores you no doubt haunt regularly.

And why wouldn’t you swoon over something as romantic as a piece of jewelry designed to conceal a precious secret? No matter what you wish to keep - a portrait, a lock of hair, or even the ashes of a beloved pet or loved one - our Lockette will keep your treasure safe and close to your heart.

Made with the most precious and durable metals, and bejeweled with whichever stones are precious to you, the Lockette is a timeless way to carry your memories with you. Or even a spell of protection, if your romantic whimsy takes you to the mystical side.

Your bold style suits a Bib Necklace

You’re a bold, creative, expressive soul, and your jewelry definitely reflects your joie de vivre! And there’s no better way to make a bold statement than a bib necklace. Not to be mistaken for baby dribble cloths or grown-up lobster splash-guards, a bib necklace is an undeniably powerful piece of jewelry — just ask Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile herself, forever immortalized by Elizabeth Taylor as Empress of the Mighty Bib!

No other necklace style presents as much opportunity to go big or go home! And with The Bibbette, our fully customizable bib style necklace, you’ll be able to max out your potential for a drool worthy necklace that turns heads and draws attention to your… assets. ;)

With a wide range of high quality metals, and precious, semi-precious, and just too precious for this world gems, you’ll be able to co-create a truly bespoke piece that will rival Cleo’s torc any day of the week