Which of Opera's Great Love Duets Suits Your Valentine Day?

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Your ideal romantic evening...

Is filled with a lot of different activities. 


Just dinner is nice. 


I want surprises.


Don't need anything special. 


Just hang out with my significant other reminiscing our love. 


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You want your romantic evening to be...

Long and endless. 


Short and fun. 


I don't think much about how long or short it should be. 


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Your date is...

Your spouse. 


Someone I am meeting for the first time. 


We are in a solid relationship. 


It's complicated. 


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Love should be...

Tender and gentle. 


Passionate and intense. 




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Should develop slow and steady. 


Go as fast as you can. 


Let time tell you.


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Romantic music...

should be quiet and subdued. 


As passionate and erotic as possible. 


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What is love? 

The communion of two souls


A potent attraction to another being


I don't really think much about it. I just feel it. 


A feeling that develops as two people come to appreciate their virtues and faults. 


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You are the kind of person who...

Plans out a romantic evening. 


Goes with the flow. 


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Would you spend a romantic evening outdoors with your significant other? 





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Which kind of gift would make you happy?

Box of chocolates


A love letter


A bouquet of roses


Don't need any gifts. Love is all I need. 


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Which ones of these declarations of love would win you over? 

We are one. 


You love me for who I am and I love you for who you are.  


Your sweet eyes have stolen away my heart. 


Let me kiss your dear, sweet hands. 


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Where would you like to spend Valentine's Day?

In a romantic restaurant


Home & in Bed


Somewhere magical and otherworldly


On the Beach


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What were you up to last year on Valentine's Day?

With my current significant other




With someone else


13 / 14

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?

It's nice to dedicate just one moment to reflect on your love for your significant other. 


I honestly don't really care much for the romance. 


I don't need a special day to express my love. I do it all the time. 


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Otello & Desdemona's Love Duet

This love duet is for those that have been in a stable relationship founded on fully understanding of one another. It's gentle musical structure and development ensures a calming reminder of your ripe and rich love.

Tristan & Isolde's Act 2 Rendez-Vous

The ultimate communion of souls, this duet is for couples in throes of passion who embrace an adventurous evening full of wide-ranging emotions and eroticism.

Madama Butterfly & Pinkerton's One Night

It's passionate and intense, but perhaps not so serious. The music soars with melodic bliss, rising and rising. It's for passionate lovers who aren't really looking to the future so much as just enjoying the here and now.

Rodolfo & Mimi's First Encounter

It's sweet and gentle, but also blossoms rather quickly. This is for lovers who connect quickly and love the jolts of passionate ardor coupled with tenderness.