Which Office Item Are You?

Take this short quiz to find out which office item you are and get insights into your admin strengths! 

Disclaimer: The results are loosely based on the 16 Myers-Briggs personalities. This quiz is meant for fun only and in no way presents scientifically unquestionable results 😉. 

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1. When the office is discussing something, you ...

sit back and quietly observe.


enthusiastically engage.


1 / 12

2. You may have to retrench some staff. Your decision ...

is mainly based on facts, like performance, or seniority.


mostly takes into account your personal values and whom it would affect the least.


2 / 12

3. Having to write up the new handbook, you ...

make sure to leave out not a single detail in every possible policy.


summarise important procedures, leaving the details open and flexible.


3 / 12

4. Your coworker told you about some new administration strategies. You ...

research evidence on their efficiency to judge if they're practical.


immediately start imagining how they would improve your office.


4 / 12

5. You need to update your team. Of course, you choose to ...

send an email.


call a meeting.


5 / 12

6. Your supervisor announced new procedures. You ...

find your friends to discuss the news in detail.


take some time to think this through in quiet.


6 / 12

7. Your coworker put together an action plan that still needs some work. You ...

complement them on the parts they did well and leave the corrections to someone else.


point out the flaws and suggest improvements.


7 / 12

8. Your office needs new equipment. You ...

wish you could buy all the latest tech.


make a budget and work with what's possible.


8 / 12

9. Your employees are arguing about who does the next shift of overtime. You ...

help them talk it through and arrive at a compromise so everyone is happy.


decide based on who did the last one, so it's fair.


9 / 12

10. In your normal work day, you ...

are prepared for all eventualities.


like to take things as they come.


10 / 12

11. Your friends invited you, but you should finish a report. You ...

accept and ask for an extension of the deadline.


decline so you can make the deadline.


11 / 12

12. Your assistant is struggling to complete a task. You explain it, ...

using lots of examples, metaphors, and comparisons.


sticking to the facts and needed steps.


12 / 12

The Stapler

As a stapler, you're hardworking, responsible and systematic. As long as you have all your staples, your admin style is quite reliable. If you get stuck, you'll try to fix it yourself first, but you always appreciate help from trusted sources.

The Cup of Tea

You're warm, gentle, thorough and enjoy being helpful, just like a hot, steaming cup of tea. In an admin setting, you're the equivalent of emotional glue that keeps everyone together. Just make sure to not stretch yourself too thin!

The Paperclip

The paperclip: A trusted companion that values cooperation and has a gentle approach to administration and the people in it. Your strengths are insight and organisation, with the flexibility to take on bigger loads than you anticipated - don't bend yourself out of shape, though!

The Pen Holder

The pen holder, sitting quietly in a corner, is full of surprises and helpful ideas. There's always some kind of order in what may appear to be chaos, and you improve your surroundings without much drama. Remember, however, that too much independence - especially in admin, where social contact isn't always given - can quickly turn into loneliness.

The Keyboard

A mechanical wonder, the keyboard isn't afraid to take a hit - admin related or otherwise. You value logic and can easily deal with mistakes coming your way. One of your strengths is analysing the data you receive, so just make sure not to miss the big story among all the words.

The Potted Plant

As a potted plant, your mere presence lifts spirits in the admin world. You not only want to create a pleasant environment, but one that is practical and in touch with reality. Being gentle and nurturing, there may be times when you have to water yourself, too - so to speak.

The Motivational Poster

You're inspirational, creative and have a growth mindset. Your sensitivity and loyalty help the people around you reach new heights and streamline their admin. But with a focus on dreams and possibilities, remember to ground yourself every now and then.

The Sharpie

There's no problem that can't be solved with a little imagination and out-of-the-box thinking. As a Sharpie, you enjoy thought experiments about admin procedures. When you keep the balance between your need for quiet and your desire to push boundaries, you're a real powerhouse.

The Pair of Scissors

Just like a pair of scissors, you can handle a wide variety of things (be it paperwork or cutting loose unnecessary weight). You like to put yourself out there while having a realistic view of your own skills. When you take a moment to "feel" a situation, you can turn your negotiation skills from "impressive" to "amazing".

The Rubber Band

Hello there, rubber band! You enjoy adding some fun to the office day, making people smile with your friendly spontaneity. Your flexibility and common sense make you a versatile helper - just make sure not too stretch yourself too thin!

The Note Pad

Like a blank page, you're full of potential - and see it in your coworkers, too. You like starting new projects; your enthusiasm and creativity quickly spread to the rest of the admin team. Be sure to use every page you have available to avoid ending up with a lot of unfinished ideas!

The 3D Printer

Ahead of your time, your head is full of possibilities, questions and strategies. You enjoy challenges, quickly transforming admin processes and latching onto new ideas. Don't forget to give your coworkers time to catch up!

The Boardroom

Your energy can't be contained in one simple item. With a focus on efficiency, you like to take charge and get things done, likely thriving in an admin setting. If you make an effort to consider others' input, your coworkers will appreciate your realistic opinions and dependable nature.

The Computer Mouse

As a computer mouse, you're organised, practical and reliable. Your interpersonal connections are just as important to you as being productive, and your friendly disposition draws people to you. Don't forget to keep your batteries charged up while you're out there quietly changing the admin world!

The Office Phone

As the office phone, you're great at connecting people. With a focus on responsibility and good organisation, you keep things running and communicate well with coworkers and clients. Remember to connect with yourself, too!

The Master File

You're the master file, the main organiser of your admin world. Even if you don't have a supervisory role, your strategic thinking skills combined with your outgoing, ambitious nature won't let you be overlooked. One of your main strengths is long-range planning, so make sure to balance that with some spontaneity and fun!