Which Planet Are You?

Take the quiz to find out which of our solar system's planets you are!

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Do you feel underappreciated? Overlooked?  









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What is your favorite season?









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What is your favorite food?

Burritos and Tacos


Ice cream






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What is your favorite activity?

Watching TV






Playing sports


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What is your favorite Genre?







Do comics count?








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What is your favorite song?

"Single Ladies" by Beyoncé


"Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance


"Closer" by Chainsmokers


"Treat you better" by Shawn Mendes


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What is your favorite color?















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When you are assigned a big project, when do you begin?

Right away. I don't rest until it is finished.


I start a few days before the deadline.


I do a little work each day, but it takes me a while to finish.


The night before. It has worked for me so far.


I procrastinate to the point of in-completion. 


I work for a few days at the beginning but put of the rest until the night before.


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What is your dream vacation?



Hiking through Europe


Lodging in cabin with a book and some hot chocolate


Renting a beach house with all of my friends


Go sightseeing around the world with my family


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You are Earth!

You are a go with the flow kind of person, perhaps even down to earth. While you don’t make tons of best friends, you have that one special person you can always turn to.

You are the Moon!

You are bright and optimistic. You are very responsible and like to take care of others. You are even the designated mom friend of your friend group. Despite how awesome you are, you tend to feel underappreciated. But don’t worry, many little kids look up to you!

You are Jupiter!

You are super friendly. You make friends with anyone and everyone you meet. You have a great personality that has lead you to where you are today. Just like your pateron Roman god, Jupiter, the sky's the limit for you!

You are Pluto!

You are often underappreciated and overlooked, but not to worry, there are those who value you and see you. You are mysterious and complex and your close friends love you for it. You are very loving despite being overlooked so go on and treat yourself to a little ice cream!

You are Mars!

You have a dazzling personality that has lead you to have many friends. You like to take your time and not to be rushed, but perhaps it is time to tackle a bit more. Try to tackle a bigger portion of your upcoming project. Or maybe try cleaning your room.

You are Venus!

You have a lovely personality. You have the goddess of love, Venus, over your shoulder and guiding you in the right direction. You are optimistic and bright, but not as well known as you could be. Perhaps you are worried about rejection, but trust in yourself and put yourself out there.

You are Uranus!

You are mysterious and cold. You have a good sense of humour, despite it being a little childish. You have lots of friends that you love, but you still love your alone time.

You are Neptune!

You have a few very close friends, but you enjoy the companionship of yourself. You like to stay out of the public eye, and tend to wear color like blue and black to help you blend in. Your patron Roman god is Neptune, god of the waters. And like the waters that he looks over, you are dark and deep. Perhaps your friend group even calls you their personal Emo nightmare.

You are Mercury!

You have a fiery personality crammed into a too small body, but don’t worry, we won’t cram you into a thermometer. You tend to enjoy to be alone. So treat yourself! Go buy that new comic book, treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath. You deserve it.

You are Saturn!

You are the dad friend, full of life and top notch dad jokes. You make friends with everyone you meet, and they love to be around you. You are adventurous and love to go exploring. Maybe you go searching in a forest, or searching around the web. Whatever it is you love to discover new things!