Which Shirt Are You - Striped, Solid or Printed?

Every person has a unique personality. What you wear reflects your personal traits. Did you know even the type of shirt you put up has something to say  about you? Cool, right?

So take this interesting quiz to ascertain the type of shirt you represent with your traits.

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While starting an assignment, which part do you pick first?

The easiest one


The most important one


Eenie, Meenie, Mienie, Mo. I pick Mo!


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Which is your favourite music genre?

Rock. I am a fan of heavy metal.


EDM triggers me. 


Whatever I can dance to. 


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What excites you?

Adventures. Sky-diving is my passion!


Designing strategies and blueprint to complete my tasks with perfection.


Spending time with my friends. I enjoy exploring places and endless parties.


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Pizza tastes best with?

Coke. This is the best way to 'share happiness'


 Toppings and more toppings!


Loads of cheese (I'm a Joey Tribbiani when it comes to Pizza) 


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How do you handle stressful situations?

I take a deep breath and go to sleep. 


Examine all possible solutions and execute the most suitable one.


I leave it to fate. Time cures everything!


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What do you do on Friday nights?

Pro-activlely finish work for Monday


Drink, Dine & Dance (after all, YOLO)


Ahh! Finally, some 'me' time!


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One thing that is always in my wallet....

 Thick cash and ID proofs!


Cards and more cards.


Picture of my S.O


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You Are A 'Striped' Shirt 

You are extremely versatile and have a positive outlook for life. You enjoy each day and believe in developing meaningful friendships. Just as striped shirts go well with numerous options, you don't have a problem in mixing up with people and strangers in general.

You Are A Rock 'Solid' Shirt

You are a solid shirt. Firm and stable, you are what you are and have a mature outlook. You do not jump to conclusions without understanding the plot of the matter. People often turn to you to seek reliable advice.

You Are A Printed Shirt

You are a printed shirt. You are easy going and have a carefree attitude. You like to enjoy the moment and hate to plan anything ahead. Your adventurous and fun-loving nature attracts a lot of attention and often makes you the topic of discussion.