Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Brand?

Take our quick quiz to find out which platforms you should be using and why!

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Your ideal customer or client is:

18-29 years old


30-49 years old


50-64 years old


65+ years old


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Your business caters to:

Mostly woman


Mostly men


Both men and women


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The average annual income of your ideal customer or client is:

< $30,000


$30,000 - $49,000


$50,000 - $74,000


$75,000 +


All income levels


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Your business is in the ______ industry.

Food + Drink




Parenting + Family


Design + Art




Fundraising + Philanthropy


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What type of content do you most see yourself sharing on social media?

Mostly written


Mostly images


Mostly video


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Instagram is all about gorgeous photography and sharing daily moments with your potential customers and clients, which makes it perfect for a business that wants to show off amazing products, delicious food, and a vibrant staff.

Grab your phone and start snapping away, making sure to be deliberate with cultivating a feed that represents your biz vibe! And don't forget those hashtags :)


Twitter has changed so much over the years, but as the only social media platform in the big three (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) that isn't bound by an algorithm, you have a unique way to interact with your potential customers.

Consistency is key on Twitter and you should be using this platform as regularly as possible so that your content is timely and relevant. Tweet, tweet, and tweet some more!


Facebook is one of the trickiest places to navigate as a business owner, but once you get the hang of it and find your sweet spot, it can also be one of the most incredible marketing tools in your arsenal.

Take the time to learn as much as you can about the platform, be deliberate about your content, and don't forget to be consistent. Need a little help getting started or a kick in the pants to feel motivated again? Click below!