Which Trail Should You Hike?

Find out which trail in the world best fits your hiking style. 

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While on hiking trips, do you prefer to rough it in a tent every night or cozy up indoors?

Camping in a tent. What's a hiking trip without sleeping in the wilderness?


I want to sleep inside in comfort after a day outdoors. 


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What is your ideal length of time to go hiking?

A few days is long enough for me!


Two or three weeks. If I'm going on a hiking trip, I'm using up my vacation days.


For months at a time. I want to quit my job and dedicate my whole summer to this. 


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What's your international travel style? 

International travel? I don't use my passport.


I like to visit new countries, but I still want all the comforts of home.


I want to go somewhere totally different than what I'm used to.


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How social do you like to be while on a hiking trip?

I'm so social! I want there to be plenty of people around, so I can make new friends along the way. 


I don't mind bumping into other people on the trail, but I hike to get away from the crowds. 


I would prefer to see the least amount of people as possible. I like having nature to myself. 


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What kind of food do you like to eat on hiking trips?

Anything that I can get from a US grocery store or restaurant. I like making my own backcountry meals. 


The basics: bread, vegetables, fruit, cheese, eggs, and meat. 


Rice and vegetables. Maybe throw in some spices and a little chicken too. 


I don't care what I eat, as long as it fuels me for hiking. 


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Why do you hike?

I hike to be immersed in nature and meet other like minded people. 


I want to be in remote parts of the mountains, far away from cell phone service. 


I like to be self-sufficient and carry everything I need for survival on my back. 


I want to see some cool stuff. 


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You've just spent the day hiking and soaking up the views. What does your ideal evening look like?

Circled up around a campfire with a few other hikers, reminiscing about the day until it's time to cozy up in my tent for the night. 


Hanging out in a lodge by a wood-burning stove, maybe playing cards with other hikers while we sip tea and wait for dinner to be served. 


Sleeping in a comfortable hotel or guest house. Maybe I'll stop by a pastry shop for a treat or eat a traditional local dinner. 


Curled up into my tent all alone, reading a good book and cooking dinner on my camp stove. 


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How far do you like to hike in a day?

10-15 miles. I like to hike all day long.


Less than 10 miles. 


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The Appalachian Trail 

The Appalachian Trail is in the United States and traverses over 2,000 miles through 14 states. It takes an averages of 5-6 months to complete. Hikers camp out along the way or stay in shelters on the trail. They can resupply on food and shower in trail towns a couple times a week. Hundreds of people complete this trail every year.

Tea House Trekking in Nepal

One of the coolest things about hiking in Nepal is the tea house system. During the day, you can hike among the tallest mountains in the world. At night, you can stay at tea houses that are owned by locals. It's a great way to meet both people from Nepal and other hikers like yourself. Not to mention, you don't have to carry camping gear during your journey which will help you during those high altitude treks.

Peru's Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit

Peru's Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit is a tough trail that takes about 10 days to complete. You will be camping the entire time and hiking over high-altitude passes. There are alpine lakes, snow-capped mountains, mule trains that pass you by, and one campsite even has a hot spring to soak in. This is a difficult hike and not yet crowded by tourists. If you're looking for a remote and secluded mountain experience, the Cordillera Huayhuash is for you.

Day Hiking in Eastern Europe

It sounds like Eastern Europe is the place for you. Day hiking options are endless! You can stay with locals in guest houses in Albania's Accursed Mountains. Or you can rent a car and explore Montenegro's Durmitor National Park. Or you can take local buses to trailheads in Romania. Eastern Europe is an affordable hiking destination while still getting to sleep indoors.