Your Favorite Wedding Day Pictures

Find out which wedding day portraits will be your most treasured for your big day!

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What is your favorite cocktail?

Manhattan, straight up.


Mai Tai, with the umbrella.


Virgin Daquri, please!


1 / 7

What's your favorite fast food?





Does Whole Foods count?


2 / 7

What Rom-Com best describes your relationship?

The Proposal


Just Friends


Knocked Up


3 / 7

If you could change the world, where would you start?

End World Hunger


End Homelessness


World Peace


Save the Children


4 / 7

When I am stressed I ___.







5 / 7

What is your favorite couples pass time?



Relaxing at Home


Spending time with Friends


6 / 7

I love my partner because __?

They make me laugh.


They know my deepest secrets.


They're my best friend.


7 / 7

The Light & Airy Style

This style is full of light and movement! If you love beautiful, flowing gowns and chilly champagne - this is the style for you. The etherial look of your images will wow your firends and family, and bring you to tears - in a good way!

The Moody Emotional Style

You love Quentin Tarantino, the color red, and you wear your heart on your sleeve. You and your partner are ridiculously in love, and PDA is never is short supply - and photographers love it! You two are naturals in front of a camera, and your portraits belong on movie posters!

The Bright and Colorful Style

You love to laugh, Kate Spade is your favorite designer, and ice cream is a basic food group. Your smile is contagious, and you and your partners inside jokes are the joyful foundation of your relationship. Your portraits will be your grandmothers prized possession, and you're gonna love them too!