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1. The Red Cross

How do you get people to pay more attention to serious issues? Make it fun! Water safety is a vital and noble cause that the American Red Cross is constantly working to promote, and a quiz came in handy to help with that. The quiz titled “Do you actually know how to swim” is a somewhat shocking, somewhat goofy, mostly eye-opening proposition that draws you to second guess your own ability. Perhaps that’s why the quiz was shared over 600 times and sparked strong debates.

The Red Cross made the list for it’s originality. A lot of quizzes are just for fun, and that’s awesome, but this quiz mixes fun with the promotion of an important cause.

red cross blog

2. Forbes

People get really crazy about college, it’s such an important time in a young person’s life and a lot of preparation goes into choosing the right school. That’s why Forbes does a massive content push every year, complete with a ranking of the top schools and a college advisor that helps students find school.

This year they decided to add a quiz to the mix. The quiz helps prospective students find a region and category of college that works best for them and then provides a link to the College Adviser tool that’s pre-set with your category.

The Forbes quiz is on this list because it makes a process easier by using a quiz. Instead of moving dials and knobs to spit out your result, it uses a fun quiz with pictures.


3. Amnesty International

How do you personalized social work that’s happening on the other side of the world? With a quiz. Amnesty International used a quiz to raise awareness for social justice projects that are happening all over the world. The quiz uses a personality engine to tell you which social justice advocate you are most like. The quiz is embedded in the Amnesty International Australia website so people can see more of the work being done after taking the quiz.

The Amnesty quiz makes our list because it uses a quiz to personalize world-wide issues that would otherwise be overlooked as just more news.

amnesty quiz

4. Philips Sonicare

How does a toothbrush company become part of the social conversation? By making a quiz about pink, of course! Philips Sonicare found an ingenious way to get involved in the social media world through their pink quiz.

This quiz makes our list because it’s innovative. No one tweets or shares on Facebook about toothbrushes, that just doesn’t happen, but they will share what color pink they are.


5. TED

TED talks are a wealth of knowledge in and of themselves, so when TED decided to make a quiz about introversion, it made perfect sense. Let me explain, TED talks are dense and informative, that type of content you consume when feeling extra smart. To get people in a mindset where watching an awesome speaker spit wisdom about personality types, you need to get warmed up. That’s where a quiz comes in, telling you how introverted you are, with a link to watch a TED talk about introversion of course.

This quiz makes our list for its understated irony. It’s a quiz about introversion, and the most popular quiz of all time is the Meyers-Briggs quiz which in many ways invented the idea of introversion. Also, it’s a great quiz.



Go Bruins! UCLA runs an online site called the Daily Bruin that’s their version of an online newspaper. The idea with the online publication is to stay connected with the student body throughout the year and just provide entertainment around the school’s events. They’ve made several quizzes, but one of the most popular was about the Coachella music festival, which is huge among college students.

This quiz makes our list for knowing the target audience. The Daily Bruin editors knows who reads their content and made a quiz just for that audience.


7. World Vision

When you do work all around the world and have some many amazing causes to support, how do you help people feel connected? Through a quiz. The World Vision has programs throughout the world and does amazing work on all corners of the planet, but that brings up a problem when raising support. Because there are so many options for giving support, potential givers don’t know what to choose. That’s where  quiz comes in and helps people identify with a cause.

This quiz makes our list because it does an amazing job of connecting supporters with social justice initiatives around the world, which makes everyone happy at the end of the day.

world vision

8. Kansas City Public Library

Kansas City wins the award for most fun library! For the last few months they’ve been featuring quizzes on the library home page, having people answer a series of questions before providing personalized reading recommendations. That’s awesome not only because it makes reading more fun, but there is also hard evidence showing that personalized recommendations convert higher than non-personalized, so more kids are reading instead of playing brain-melting video games all day :)

This quiz makes our list because it personalizes books. There are so many books in the world, and the Kansas City Public Library is helping us find out which one we should read first.

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Food is great, looking at pictures of food is also great, finding out what kind of cake you are is priceless. Food52 is a food content site and e-commerce store that provides some of the best food-related content (and quizzes) on the web. Every week without fail they create another amazing quiz that answers life’s most burning questions like “What kind of pasta are you?”

This quiz (the “Which cake are you?” quiz) makes our list because it utilizes top content in a smart way. The quiz leads to a specific type of cake along with a link to a recipe for that cake, thereby re-using those recipe pages in a smart way.

which cake

10. Hostel Bookers

Travelers love to talk about travelling. Having recently caught wanderlust myself, I know the feeling. That’s why when Hostel Bookers made a quiz about what type of traveller you are, it was an instant hit.

This quiz makes our list for innovation. Travel blogs get too caught up in top ten lists and pictures, a quiz is a smart call.

travel quiz


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