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If you don’t know who Marie Forleo is, get educated. She’s one of the most inspiring and gifted entrepreneurs of our time. She’s got an amazing quiz set up that perfectly shows how to useĀ  a quiz on Facebook to grow your email list and more importantly start a conversation with people who can become life-long followers and customers.

Let’s follow the journey Marie has created with her quiz.

It starts on Facebook with a post/ad that is pictured below. (Click here to see the post) The best thing about this post is that it doesn’t try too hard. There is no crazy promises or wild assumptions, it simply says that if you take the quiz you can find your entrepreneurial type and that’s important because it can help you in business.

Also, super importantly, the quiz is called “What Type of Entrepreneur are You?” which is exactly the right title because Marie’s audience is made up of a lot of entrepreneurs, so this is perfect for that crowd. Take note of that, when you’re thinking about your quiz keep in mind who your audience is and then create a quiz to help them identify their personality as it relates to who they are in business and in life.

**Marie’s Quiz Facebook Post**

Once you click on the quiz, you are taken straight to it on a landing page that runs on Interact (it redirects from This cover page largely matches the copy on the Facebook post/ad which is intentional because if someone clicks on the post you want to make sure and deliver on the promise.

The other key element, and part of the reason for this quiz being so successful, is that it features a photo of Marie herself, and in all of our interact studies we’ve found that cover photos featuring one person end up as most successful.

cover marie forleoAfter you start taking the quiz the questions are spot-on. Marie asks questions that are super relevant to the life of an entrepreneur, and quickly identify what type of personality you have. For example, the question pictured below figures out what type of activity really resonates with you and that makes a huge difference in determining your personality as an entrepreneur.

The quiz has 5 questions which is just the right amount for getting to know someone taking the quiz but not so long that it gets boring and people leave before finishing.

questions marie forleo

After someone has completed the 5 questions an email capture form comes up. However, this is not your average lead capture form. If someone is taking this quiz, they want to find out their entrepreneurial type, and they’re also interested in how to use that unique personality to the fullest potential. The email capture form on this quiz promises to do both of those things, reveal the results right away, and also send you personalized tips on how to conquer roadblocks unique to your type.

This is unlike any other email capture form because it is there to help, not just gather your information. That’s the reason these forms average a 50% conversion rate.

email marie forleo


Once you put in your email, your results are shown right away as promised. There is a full description of your personality. It’s very much like the personality result you’d see on a Myers-Briggs or a DISC assessment, which is on purpose. As a reward for taking the quiz and opting in you get a super helpful and thorough quiz result readout.

marie forleo results


Marie Forleo is an innovator, and she has come up with something truly unique with her quiz. It is one of the most impressive and engaging lead magnets I’ve ever seen, and it absolutely nails the interactive aspect of marketing. As you work on your quiz I highly encourage you to refer back to Marie’s as an example of how to do it right. You can see the original quiz Facebook post here and click the link to see the whole quiz.

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