How to add a quiz to Wix

Check out how you can add a quiz to your Wix website in 3 easy steps!

Make a Quiz for Your Wix Website Today!

Build a quiz for your Wix site using interact quiz maker

With interact you can quickly add an interactive quiz to your Wix website without any coding experience needed. Here is the step-by-step guide.

*Please Note: This does not work in the Wix ADI builder (there new automated website builder)

1. In Wix, navigate to “add” and then “more”

On the left side options from your Wix editor, click “add” and then scroll down to click on “more”


2. Then drag the “HTML Code” block onto your page

We’ll be adding the quiz embed code into the html block, so position it where you want the quiz to go on your website.


3. Position the HTML block on your page to be the size and dimensions you want


4. Click “Enter Code” above the HTML Block to open the html editor so you can add the quiz embed code

code5. Go to Interact and click “share and embed” on your quiz, then click “Embed in your Website or Landing Page”

You are now leaving Wix and going to interact, just fyi


6. Copy the embed code for your quiz from Interact


7. Back in Wix, paste the embed code into your HTML block

code8. Publish and your quiz is live on Wix!


Build a quiz for your Wix site using interact quiz maker


Make a Quiz for Your Wix Website Today!

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