How to Create a Quiz Landing Page That Actually Works (with 20+ Examples)

Create your own quiz landing page

Generate warm leads and engage with potential customers

Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew how to create a quiz landing page? 

You’re nodding your head yes, right? 

Lucky for you, I’ve collected fifteen examples of quiz landing pages. When you finish reading this post, you’ll know what a quiz landing page is, how to create one, and seven bonus tips to make your landing page irresistible. 

Let’s get started! 

Table of contents 

What’s a quiz landing page? 

A quiz landing page promotes your quiz. It might look something like this: 

What type of manifestor are you quiz landing page

See how this page convinces users to take the quiz? The point of a quiz landing page is to convert as many users into quiz-takers as possible! 

Most quiz landing pages include: 

  • a headline 
  • sales copy 
  • calls to action 
  • your quiz 

Don’t worry. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about quiz landing pages. But first, why are they essential for your business? What will you get out of creating a landing page? 

make a quiz CTA

Why is a quiz landing page important for your biz? 

Before I tell you why a quiz landing page is important, I’ll answer another question you might be wondering: Why should I use a quiz for my business at all? 

With a quiz, you can generate more leads

To get more leads, companies ask website visitors for their info with a form. In return, the company will offer a free resource, like an e-book. 

So, instead of using a generic form, why not use a quiz to capture user information? 

Let’s be honest, taking a quiz is WAY more fun than filling out a form. When you create the right quiz, your audience will be dying to take it—which means more leads for you! 

A quiz is also best for growing your email list. 

With an email list, you can offer special promotions and connect with your audience. It’s no wonder why you’d want a large list of loyal followers. 

Plus, it’s easy to create an email opt-in with Interact. When someone finishes taking your quiz, they can enter their email to see the results. This way, you’ll get more email subscribers and customers. 

And last, a quiz will help you learn about your audience.

You can learn a lot about your audience with the right quiz questions. Use the info you gather from your quiz to guide users to your products, services, or free content. 

If you haven’t created a quiz with Interact yet, you can get started here

Now that you know why you should create a quiz, I can tell you why you need a quiz landing page. 

A landing page is a crucial function of your quiz funnel. A quiz funnel takes a user from a lead to a long-lasting customer in five steps. 

parts of a funnel from awareness to loyalty

The first step is awareness. 

In the awareness stage, a user learns about your business and how you can help them achieve what they want. 

Your interactive quiz sits at the awareness stage—most likely, the people who take your quiz don’t know much about you. 

So if your quiz audience is new users, then how will you get their attention? What can you do to attract them to your quiz? 

With a quiz landing page, of course! Your landing page is key because it tells users what your quiz is about and what’s in it for them. You’ll get more quiz-takers and eventually more customers. 

A landing page promotes your services. A landing page isn’t only about your quiz, but your products, too! 

Primally Pure, for example, created a landing page to promote their skin quiz AND products. 

Primally Pure quiz landing page

On the first half of the page, Primally Pure promotes their skincare quiz. And on the bottom half, they promote their skin products. 

Primally Pure products

They’re saying: While you’re at it, take a look at our skincare line and positive reviews! After you take this quiz, you’ll know the right product to buy. 

Feel free to promote your services or products right on your landing page. Tell users exactly what they’re in for.

Next, I’ll help you create the best quiz landing page yet. I’ll go over the most important landing page elements and how you can get started. Plus, I’ll share examples of pages from all types of businesses. 

It doesn’t matter if you sell products, services, or an online course—a quiz landing page will bring in more leads, subscribers, and customers. 

create a quiz CTA

How to create a quiz landing page 

If you’ve never created a landing page before, we suggest using a landing page builder like Unbounce, Leadpages, or Instapages. 

When you’re finished, embed your Interact quiz on your landing page (we’ll show you how later in the post) and be done with it! 

Ready to get started? 

Table of contents 

  1. Attract users with a headline 
  2. Tell users what your quiz is about 
  3. Answer the “What’s in it for me?” question
  4. Guide users to your quiz with a call to action 
  5. Last-minute quiz landing page tips

1. Attract users with a headline 

You know what they say—only 2 out of 10 internet browsers read past a headline.

Headlines fail when they don’t tell readers exactly what the rest of the content is about. In this case, your landing page is all about your quiz. So why not use your quiz as the headline? 

What does your relationship with food say about you quiz headline

A quiz title is a great headline because it asks your audience a question. Someone might look at the headline above and think, I don’t know what my relationship with food is, but I want to find out! 

Plus, the name of your quiz tells users EXACTLY what your landing page is about… your quiz, of course! 

You can spruce up your headline with a colorful design, like below.

sketches of women with Female Archetype Quiz title

While this headline doesn’t ask users a question, the design complements the female archetype quiz. And I don’t know about you, but this art caught my eye. 

If you want a high-converting headline, look no further than below. 

What's your innate brand advantage quiz cover

I love how Kaye Putnam starts her quiz landing page. In less than 20 seconds, you know the name of the quiz and why you should take it. 

First, it starts with a question, “What is your innate brand advantage?” Then it immediately explains what the quiz is about: “Take the quiz to discover your unique strengths and psychological triggers to attract more of your ideal clients.” 

This brief explanation is perfect for any business owner. Who doesn’t want to know their most significant strengths and weaknesses? 

The best part about this example is how Kaye embeds her brand style quiz right under the headline. This way, eager beavers can take her quiz right away!

If you’re thinking, I want to embed my quiz on my landing page, too! Then head to your quiz dashboard and click Share & Embed

share and embed button in Interact dashboard

Then head to Embed Code and copy and paste the appropriate code in your landing page. 

embed code in Interact

Depending on your website, you can use the iFrame, Javascript, or WordPress code. You might find the following tutorials helpful: 

To summarize, when you create a headline: 

  • Attract readers with a question 
  • Make it enjoyable with a photo or design (you can use a free design tool like Canva
  • Embed your quiz under the headline 

Let’s move on to the rest of your landing page! 

2. Tell users what your quiz is about 

The next section of your quiz landing page is the “about” section. Here, you should answer questions like: 

  • What is your quiz about? 
  • Why is your quiz interesting?
  • Why do people need to take your quiz? 

There are a few ways to write the about section. First, you can dive deep into the details, like Kaye Putnam. 

description of quiz

I like how Kaye targets her brand audience directly with a quote by David Ogilvy. David Ogilvy is a well-known figure in the copywriting and brand industry. Anyone who resonates with this quote is perfect for Kaye’s quiz. 

Also, notice how she breaks down the purpose of her quiz in simple language. 

“By figuring out what your brand archetype is, you are given a powerful model to craft your brand around. When people understand your brand, they begin to LIKE + TRUST you, which leads to sales.” 

So now the reader knows exactly how her brand quiz will boost their business. If they find out their brand archetype, then they’ll learn how to connect with their audience. It’s that simple! 

Let’s take a look at another “about” section. 

another quiz description

Ashley Srokosz’s quiz helps health coaches build their business. Her about section stands out for a few reasons. 

One, she points out her audience’s pain points in bold. Even better, she highlights the biggest problem inside the pink box. 

Two, Ashley writes as if she’s talking directly to her audience. Using phrases like, “I totally get it!” or “you’re not the only one!” makes her copy personable. 

And third, she writes in short paragraphs and sentences. Anyone could read her copy clearly. 

So when you create your about section, make sure to: 

  • Write clearly
  • Target your audience’s pain points and desires 
  • Briefly explain your quiz 

So… what’s next? 

3. Answer the “What’s in it for me?” question  

This section is a critical part of your quiz landing page. Before taking a quiz, someone might wonder… What’s in it for me? Why should I take this quiz? 

Tell users what they’ll get in return for taking your quiz. You can do this by describing what happens after they finish your quiz. 

Mel Wells uses a step-by-step approach to explain her quiz process. 

steps 1 to 3 of in quiz description

I like this format because of how easy it is to digest. Users know what to expect during each step of the quiz process. You can also get creative with designs and exciting fonts. 

Check out Sibela Ribeiro’s format below. 

description of branding guide that comes with quiz result

The best part of Sibela’s quiz landing page is where she states what her quiz-takers will get in return—a 10-page visual brand guide. Plus, she adds a photo of what the visual brand guide looks like. 

Sibela also describes what her brand guide includes, so users know what they’re getting. 

All in all, this section is organized and packed with value. Many people would pay for a visual brand guide like above!

Both of these examples show how creative you can get when you answer, What’s in it for me?

  • Give your audience a step-by-step process 
  • Use images to show what you offer post-quiz 
  • Describe your freebie in full-detail 

I’ll talk more about landing page freebies later. But for now, let’s get to the last feature of your quiz landing page—the call to action! 

4. Guide users to your quiz with a call to action 

A call to action (CTA) guides users to their next step: taking your quiz. There are two ways to include CTAs on your landing page. 

One, add CTA buttons throughout your page. I suggest adding three buttons. The first one should be at the top, under your headline. 

do you know your visual brand style quiz cover with call to taction

Like I mentioned above in the headline section, you can also embed your quiz along with this call to action. 

Your second call to action button should be in the middle of your page. You might be tempted to place a CTA button in a random section, but we don’t recommend that. Instead, put your CTA where users are most likely to click on it. 

more of landing page with CTA in the middle

Notice how Sibela placed a CTA button right after offering her brand guide. This makes sense, as a free brand guide would convince many users to take the quiz right away. 

Place your last CTA button at the bottom of the page. 

full landing page with CTA at the bottom

This button will catch any last-minute folks. 

Keep in mind that your call to action doesn’t have to be a button. You can dedicate an entire section to your CTA if you’d like. 

start quiz CTA at beginning of page

This attachment style quiz landing page gives three reasons why someone should take the quiz, along with a CTA button. Notice how each reason is highlighted in purple font. 

You can also embed your quiz with your call to action, like below. 

landing page with embedded quiz with button

This way, your audience doesn’t have to waste time loading another page to take your quiz. They can get started right away! 

I also like how this call to action uses bold and underlined fonts to highlight the benefits of taking the quiz. 

So when you create a call to action section: 

  • Place a CTA button at the top, middle, and bottom of your landing page 
  • Embed your quiz with your call to action 
  • Highlight the best part of your quiz with a different font 

Whew—you made it to the end! Now you know how to create an optimized quiz landing page. 

make a quiz CTA

Last-minute quiz landing page tips 

The elements above will help you create a high-converting landing page. But if you want to go even further, then take a look at these last-minute quiz landing page tips. 

1. Remove distractions 

Do you notice the difference between the top of this landing page . . . 

landing page with no menu at top

. . . and the top of the landing page below? 

page on website with quiz and menu to distract

The lower landing page is full of distractions! Can you see how easy it is for someone to exit out of this page? If you want more conversions, keep your audience focused on your quiz. 

In fact, when HubSpot removed the menu bar from three landing pages, each one increased conversions. 

On that note, remove any menus or promotions when creating your quiz landing page. Your audience should be focused on your quiz and your quiz only. 

2. Add your quiz results 

The best part about taking a quiz is seeing the results, right? So why not tell users what your quiz results are? 

quiz results with questions

Personal Development School’s attachment style quiz, for example, adds their results to their landing page. This way, users will get curious about their attachment style. 

I also like how they ask their users a question under each attachment style result. This strategy will get your audience interested in how they react in relationships. 

Kaye Putnam’s added her results to her landing page as well. 

quiz results for brand archetypes

Something to note is how she added an image and brief description for each result. Plus, she encourages users to learn more about each brand archetype with a “learn more” call to action. 

Remember, the more value you add to your quiz, the more likely users will take it. 

3. Introduce yourself 

As your quiz sits in the marketing funnel’s awareness stage, your audience doesn’t know much about you. 

It’s a good idea to introduce yourself on your landing page.

Ashley intro with picture

When your audience knows a little bit about you and what you look like, they’ll feel a deeper connection to your business. 

Some tips for your bio: 

  • Tell your audience what you do and how you can help them achieve what they want. 
  • Summarize your experience in a paragraph. 
  • Relate to your audience! Share your past struggles and how you overcame them. 
  • Add a professional image of yourself. 

4. A/B test your quiz landing page 

As you can see, there are SO many ways to optimize your quiz landing page. But here’s the thing—every audience is different. 

The best way to see what does and doesn’t work is with A/B testing. Also known as split testing, A/B testing tests two different versions of your landing page. 

Each version is sent to a certain number of users so you can see which style has the most conversion rates. Then you can use the highest-converting elements on your quiz landing page.

Landing page builders like Instapage and Unbounce offer A/B testing software along with their plan. 

5. Embed a video 

To connect with your audience, embed a video of yourself talking about your quiz, like Lydia Lee. 

video with Career Change Quiz title

Videos are personable and get straight to the point. A new user can quickly learn about you, your business, and your quiz in a couple of minutes. 

There are a few things to consider when adding a video to your page. First, how long is your video? Lydia’s video is only thirty-seconds long. While Heather’s video (below) is two-minutes long. 

video on landing page

There’s no right or wrong answer for video length. It all depends on your overall branding strategy and audience. 

Another thing to consider is the type of video. The examples above are called “Explainer” videos. The name speaks for itself—an explainer video will tell users about you and your quiz. 

But you can also use a testimonial video

When you’re buying something online, you can’t hear, feel, or see the product in person. 

Enter: Social proof. 

I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS check product reviews before purchasing something online. If I can’t see the product for myself, I can at least check what others say about it. 

before video testimonial

Manifestation Babe’s landing page video shows a before and after of one of her online course students. This is a GENIUS idea. But why? 

With a before and after video, people can see, hear, and connect with someone invested in a product. When you see others living their best life, you’ll probably think, I’ll have what they’re having! 

Some other tips for using a video on your landing page are: 

  • Use a script before you film 
  • Repost your video on social media 
  • Give your user a call to action at the end 

6. Offer a freebie 

I think we can all agree that the word “free” makes anything sound better. 

So why not offer a freebie on your quiz landing page? And not just any freebie, but something related to your quiz. 

Free quiz and ebook description

Heather’s money personality page offers a free e-book along with her quiz. Notice how the e-book tells users about their money personality quiz strengths. 

Some other freebies you can use are: 

  • A podcast episode about their quiz result 
  • A video-series about their quiz result 
  • A consultation call 
  • A sample of your product 

7. Create a short landing page  

Type Which is better, a short or long landing page? in the Google search bar. You’ll probably see both answers. Some companies swear by a detailed landing page, while others think a short page does the job best. 

So what’s better? A short or long quiz landing page? 

Here’s the truth—you won’t know until you test it yourself. We’ve found successful short and long quiz landing pages. It all depends on your audience. 

A short landing page uses the same elements as a long landing page. The only difference is the copy is much more concise. 

Let’s take another look at Heather’s quiz landing page. 

short landing page with video and quiz and ebook optin

I like how her page uses a video to keep her written content short and sweet. Her page is full of exciting features, like: 

A video—Heather uses an explainer video to introduce herself and her business to new users. Notice how she added a video cover with the same design as her landing page.

Video editing like this adds a touch of professionalism to her page. 

An email opt-in—While most quizzes include an email opt-in after taking the quiz, she asks before. 

You might be thinking, Why would I ask for a user’s email if they haven’t taken my quiz yet? Won’t they back out? 

It depends on your audience. If you’re reaching out to brand-new users, then you might want to save the email opt-in for later.

But if your landing page is targeted to users who have visited your site, then asking before might be okay. You can always A/B test this for the best results. 

CTA button—Notice how Heather doesn’t use the generic “Take Quiz Now!” call to action. Her CTA is unique to her archetypes quiz. 

You can personalize your CTA button with these templates: 

  • Learn about your (quiz results) in 5 minutes! 
  • I’m ready to transform my (call to action) 
  • Start your (call to action) journey

At this point, you have everything you need to create the best quiz landing page ever. But what about next steps? What happens after you make a landing page? 

create a quiz CTA

You created a quiz landing page… Now what? 

The most successful landing pages are promoted… everywhere. Your website, social media, and paid ads are a few ways to promote your landing page. 

Luckily, it’s easy to promote your landing page with Interact! Here are a few ways to get your quiz in front of your audience. 

1. Promote your quiz on your home page 

There’s no better place to promote your landing page than your home page. And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. All you have to do is promote a section of your homepage, like below. 

Website personality quiz on home page

When a user clicks on “Take the Quiz,” they’ll be led to the quiz landing page. Pretty easy, right? As you can see, you only need four elements to promote your landing page: 

A headline—Remember, your headline can be something as simple as the title of your quiz. 

Or, you can target a user’s pain point like above. If someone doesn’t know which website template to use, they can take a simple quiz and find out. 

Short copy—Point out the user’s desires. Why should they take your quiz? What will they get out of it? 

You can also throw in your freebie. For example, the copy above offers “an extra special gift” to attract more users. 

Call to action—As I mentioned earlier, your CTA button will lead them right to your quiz landing page. 

Something else you might want to add is a creative design. 

What's your brand cocktail quiz highlighted on website

The background of this promo works well with Tonic Shop’s cocktail theme. 

Something else worth mentioning is their call to action: “Take the quiz! (It only takes 60 seconds).” Many of us like quizzes because they’re fun and short. The length of your quiz is a great selling point (as long as it’s quick, of course). 

The homepage promotion below also uses the “60-second” trick to attract users. 

Find your brand "it factor" in 60 seconds with take a quiz CTA

This promo, in particular, is placed at the very bottom of Erika Holme’s homepage. She also put a promotion at the very top of her page. This is very similar to a pop-up ad, which I’ll explain in the next step. 

2. Add a pop-up ad to your website 

Spammy websites give pop-up ads a lousy reputation. 

I bet you can recall a time where an unknown website used pop-up ads to get your attention. And you probably exited out of the page immediately, right? How annoying. 

Some good news—pop-up ads have undergone a makeover. These days, you can schedule ads to appear when a user is ready to see them.

And you can forget about the flashy lights and huge font. Pop-up ads are now (much) more classy. 

There are a few different types of pop-up ads. In this tutorial, I’ll go over two types:

  • Exit-intent pop-up ad 
  • Opt-in bar  

We’ll start with the first one, an exit-intent pop-up ad. 

Take a self-reflection quiz pop-up

Kelsey uses a self-reflection quiz to promote her life coaching services. When someone is about to leave her homepage, a pop-up ad about her quiz appears to draw the user back in.

The image—To create a positive pop-up ad experience, add calming features to relax your audience. 

Kelsey’s image doesn’t virtually scream at you or beg for your attention. Instead, it’s welcoming. 

The design—Her black-and-white scheme adds to the calming effect. Plus, her font is a reasonable size—in other words, it’s not up in your face. 

Take a quiz CTA opt-in bar

Now let’s go over an opt-in bar. An opt-in bar will sit at the top of your page, rather than appear as browsers are scrolling through.

Are you wondering if a website visitor will even notice this small ad? If so, the answer is yes! You can make it sticky. A sticky opt-in bar doesn’t disappear when you scroll down the page. It “sticks” to the top. 

Also, choose a color that sticks out from your website. A black opt-in bar stands out from Blockbuster Copy’s site. If they chose to use pink for their opt-in bar, users might miss the ad. 

Another opt-in bar feature is the short copy. You can keep it as simple as the name of your quiz and a CTA button. 

When you create a pop-up ad using Interact, it’ll look something like Kate Crocco’s ad below. 

What's holding you back quiz popup with image, quiz description, and CTA

To make a pop-up ad, head to your quiz dashboard and click Share & Embed. 

share and embed button in Interact

On the next menu, choose Popup to create your pop-up ad. 

embed code for quiz popup

You can paste Javascript code to the header of your site. If you use WordPress, click WordPress to download the Interact plugin to set up your ad. 

install Interact plugin

Next, scroll down to Customize the popup to personalize a few settings. 

pop-up customization options

Using the timer delay, you can choose how many seconds a user must be on your page before showing the ad. And Hiatus lets you decide how many days until your pop-up can reappear in front of the user. 

If you want users to get straight to the quiz, then you can disable the cover page. 

Something else you can do is edit the pop-up visibility. 

pop-up visibility rules

This option is best if you only want your ad to appear on a particular webpage. 

All done? Scroll up and toggle Promote (your quiz) in the popup to on. 

turning on pop-up

All done! So, how else can you promote your quiz landing page? 

3. Share your landing page with your followers 

Social media and quizzes are both known for being fast and entertaining. And when you put the two together, it creates magic. 

Jenna Kutcher, for example, promoted her quiz with Instagram and Pinterest ads. These ads helped her reach 7-figures as a business owner!

Instagram post promoting quiz landing page

With Interact, you can promote your landing page on social media in a couple of ways. You can get started by promoting on your personal accounts. 

To do so, click Share & Embed on your quiz dashboard. 

share and embed button in Interact

Under Share Link, you’ll see a list of social media icons. 

social media platforms you can share in automatically

All you have to do is click a social media icon to share your post! It’ll look something like below. 

tweet promoting workout personality quiz

Easy peasy. 

The second way to promote your landing page on social media is with Facebook Ads. After you click Share & Embed, choose Facebook Ads

how to set up Facebook ad for quiz in Interact

Under Step 2, you’ll replace the quiz link with your landing page link. So your ad will direct users to your landing page instead of directly to your quiz. 

You might want to set up Facebook Pixel—a conversion tracking tool. Facebook Pixel will track how many users head to your landing page and take your quiz. 

It only takes a couple of steps to set up. Click Read Setup Instructions in step 3 to get started. 

Once Facebook Pixel is ready, hit Copy Link and add it to your Facebook ad campaign. And that, my friends, is how you promote your quiz landing page on social media. 

To wrap up 

As you can probably tell by now, there are SO many ways to create and promote a quiz landing page. Let’s go over what you learned. 

  1. Why you should create a quiz landing page to grow lead generation, your email list, and sales. 
  2. How to create a quiz landing page in four steps (with more than eight examples).
  3. Seven extra quiz landing page tips, with even MORE examples. 
  4. Three ways to promote your quiz landing page: on your website, with a pop-up ad, and on social media.

It’s safe to say that you know more than enough about quiz landing pages. From here, you might want to dive deeper into refining your quiz funnel. If you don’t know what a quiz funnel is, check out our post How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel

What is the best quiz for you business?

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