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Product recommendation quizzes increase average order value, sales, and lead generation by numbers ranging from 2x to 10x. They are consistently ranked as one of the best things you can do for your online store to make more money and build your list.

This post is the absolute simplest guide on how to create your own product recommendation quiz so you can get up and running an hour from now and begin seeing the effects of your quiz. This overview is using interact quiz builder, the easiest-to-use and most intuitive product quiz tool, create your account to follow along.

Here are the steps to launching your product recommendation quiz.

  1. Write a quiz title that gets clicks
  2. Create results that show recommended product/products
  3. Write 5-7 quiz questions correlating to the quiz results
  4. Create your opt-in form page and link it to Klaviyo (or other mailer)
  5. Integrate with Shopify website (or other E-Commerce site builder)

Write a quiz title that gets clicks

For product recommendation quizzes there are two types of titles.

  1. The category recommender quiz: This one recommends a group of products that match someone based on which category they fall into.
  2. The single product recommender quiz: This one recommends one product based on the quiz takers’ needs.

Here is a graphic with examples of each type of quiz title. For additional inspiration we have examples in every category of E-Commerce quiz here.

Best Practice: Don’t re-invent the wheel. Let your products be the differentiator and pick a quiz title that is proven to work. It will save you time and perform better. Within interact we have quiz templates for most categories of E-Commerce that are already designed for conversion, you can start with one of those.

Product quiz titles

Create results that show recommended product/products

The results pages are where you show the recommended product/products. If you’re using Shopify, the best practice is to create collections of products for each of the outcomes of your quiz. Then tag the product or products for that quiz result to finish the collection. Then inside of interact quiz builder you will redirect the results of your quiz to those product collection pages.

The reason for creating the collection pages in Shopify (or your online store platform) is that it increases sales because people are able to shop directly from those collection pages, it looks exactly like your site, and they are on your site so even if they don’t purchase right away they can browse around for other products.

Resources for this step.

  1. Integrating interact and Shopify (creating collections pages guide)
  2. Redirecting quiz results in interact quiz builder

Here is what the setup looks like in Shopify. I have three collections set up, one for each of my quiz results (if we’re doing a skin type quiz with Oily, Combination, and Dry as the three results). Then you can see what that collection page looks like in Shopify.

Result collections Shopify

Write 5-7 quiz questions correlating to the quiz results

Each question of your quiz is determining which quiz result (product/products) is right for the person taking the quiz. The best way to do this is to have 5-7 questions and for each question there is an answer choice that correlates to one of the outcomes.

Correlations are like +1’s, think of them as points being added to the “score” for the result they lead to. The way product quizzes work is that whichever product or category of products has the most correlations (points) at the end of the quiz is the one that is shown as that person’s quiz result.

That way when someone takes the quiz they will have the same chance of getting each outcome and your quiz will accurately recommend products.

Here is what a question looks like for my skin type quiz, and you can see that each answer choice for this question correlates to one of the three results.

quiz question logic

Create your opt-in form page and link it to Klaviyo (or other mailer)

At the end of the questions in your product recommendation quiz you can add an opt-in form to build your email list or text list. You can connect these emails directly to Klaviyo or whichever email marketing or text marketing program you use and segment the new subscribers based on which quiz result they get.

With an average opt-in rate of 36.7% this is a cant-miss strategy for building your list.


  1. Integrate interact with Klaviyo for segmentation
  2. Full list of interact integrations

Here’s what the opt-in form looks like, and how the segmentation works within in interact.

Quiz Opt in form

Integrate with Shopify website (or other E-Commerce site builder)

After your quiz is all setup, we recommend embedding it onto a dedicated page on your Shopify store or whichever online store software you use. This is done using an embed code. Then you can send people to that page from your Store home page, social media, and wherever else you promote your quiz.


  1. Embed quiz on Shopify
  2. Embed quiz on Squarespace

Here is what it looks like embedded on my Shopify test account online store.

quiz embedded shpify

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