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Last Updated: April 20th, 2022

Interactive quizzes are excellent for lead generation, product recommendation, and customer engagement. In this post we’ll cover how to create your own interactive quiz for all three of those use-cases. Click below to jump to the use-case you want to see.

  1. Create interactive quizzes for lead generation
  2. Create interactive quizzes for product recommendation
  3. Create interactive quizzes for customer engagement

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Interactive Quizzes for Lead Generation

What should your quiz be about?

The best lead generation quizzes have the following format “Which (Blank) Are You?” or “What Type of (Blank) are You?” where you fill in the blank with who your customers are. So for example if you work with creative entrepreneurs it would be “What Type of Creative Entrepreneur Are You?”

You can also choose to do a category-selector quiz like the one pictured below from Kaye Putnam. A category-type quiz helps your quiz takers which category they fall into and then makes recommendations for products, services, or resources based on which of the categories you fall into.

Kaye Putnam brand quiz

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What should you put in the results of your quiz?

The second step of creating a lead generation quiz is actually figuring out the results. That’s because most lead generation quizzes use personalty-type scoring.That means it’s much easier to create your quiz if you start at the end.

For your quiz results, think about your customer base and imagine you had to divide them into four distinct categories based on their characteristics. So if you sell to creative entrepreneurs you might have different personality types in your customer base. if you sell to photographers you’d have different types of photographers.

Create four distinct categories of your customer base and those will be the results of your quiz.

What questions should you ask?

Good question 🙂 When it comes to which questions you should ask on your quiz, the best rule of thumb is to imagine yo are sitting down with a potential new client and you HAVE to put them into one of your four categories you created as your quiz results.

Kaye Putnam quiz question

Think about what you would ask them if you were actually sitting and talking in person. Those are the questions you should ask in your quiz. If you keep it conversational like you would actually talk in real life that’s going to give you the best outcome on your quiz. Shoot for 5-10 questions on your quiz for best results. Less then that and your quiz won’t look credible, more than that and it will be too long.

Each question should have four answer choices. That way when you set up the logic for your quiz, each answer choice correlates to each of the results and every quiz outcome will have an equal likelihood of being chosen all else being equal.

Use a mix of text and image answer choices. For the best and most fun experience, have a mix of text answer and image answers. With interact you can choose images directly from our Unsplash integration so you don’t have to go searching for every picture you want to include.

Setting up quiz result correlations

How does a quiz generate leads?

A quiz generates leads by showing an opt-in form after the last question of the quiz but before the results are shown. On average, these opt-in forms convert quiz takers to leads at a rate of 40.8% from a research study we conducted last year on 3,568 quizzes created on the interact platform.

With a quiz you can also segment your leads based on which quiz outcome they get and how they answer each of the quiz questions. With interact you can integrate directly with your email marketing software so your leads get automatically added to your list and segmented based on their quiz outcome or answers to questions.

Kaye putnam quiz opt in

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Interactive Quizzes for Product Recommendation

Product recommendation quizzes are extremely effective at increasing sales and generating leads. Personalized product recommendations Bigcommerce found that personalized product recommendations increase average order value by up to 369% and that’s an increase you don’t want to miss out on.

Product recommendation quizzes are also excellent for lead generation, with an average opt-in rate of 37.6% for people who begin taking a product recommendation quiz.

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Here are the steps for creating your own product recommendation quiz.

The Quiz Idea: Which (Product) Is Right for You? OR What’s Your (Blank) Type?

For product recommendation quizzes, your job when coming up with a quiz idea is super easy. All you have to do is create a quiz titled “Which (Product) is Right for You?” and it works perfectly every time. OR Create a quiz like “What’s Your Skin Type?” that helps people find their skin type and then recommends products based on that.

For clarity there are two types of product recommendation quizzes that work best for making sales and generating leads.

  1. The direct product recommender I.E. Which Product is Best for You?
  2. The category recommender I.E. What’s Your Skin Type? which categorizes you and then recommends products

Let’s look at an example of each of these product recommendation quiz types. The first one is from Mount Lai, they have a product recommendation quiz for which gua sha stone to buy. (try the quiz here). This is a single product recommendation quiz.

mount lai stone guide quiz

The second example is from Esker Beauty. Their quiz is a category selector, so rather than specifically recommending one product it’s going to give you a variety of product recommendations based on which of the skin types you are recommended in the quiz.

esker beauty skin type quiz

Product recommendation quiz questions: Consult with people to discover what they need

Quiz questions for making product recommendations go like this. Imagine you have a physical store for your brand (maybe you do and this will be a piece of cake). Now picture a new client walking in the door, they are interested in your products but don’t know what to choose. What do you ask them to help them find the right products? Those are your quiz questions. Best practice is writing 5-10 quiz questions.

Mount Lai quiz question

Ask for an opt-in at the end of your quiz

Product recommendation quizzes aren’t just for selling products (although that’s awesome and you definitely should take full advantage of how sticky they are for making sales). You can also ask for an opt-in at the end of your quiz, and segment these leads based on which quiz outcome the people get. This is an excellent way to grow your list for long-tail sales.

Mount Lai quiz opt in

Show products in your results: Best practice is redirecting to your own product landing pages

When you show your product results you can choose to either redirect to your own landing pages that are set up with recommended products for each of your quiz outcomes, or you can use the built-in results pages in whichever quiz builder you are using.

Redirecting is highly recommended for maximum on-brand customisabilty and tracking of users. Since all of the privacy laws have updated, you can only track people if you redirect to your own landing pages to show your quiz results.

Here’s an example from Mount Lai. You can see in the URL bar that it goes to a specific page on the website so they can have full control over the page and people can shop products directly from the page.

mount lai quiz results

You can also use built-in quiz results from interact or another quiz builder to feature your products. This isn’t as quality of a solution, but it’s faster if you’re just trying to get something up and running quickly. Here’s an example of what that looks like from the Esker Beauty quiz.

esker beauty quiz results

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Interactive Quizzes for Customer Engagement

The third option for making interactive quizzes is to use them for customer engagement. This can be super useful if you work for a SAAS company or large organization where keeping potential customers engaged is a huge challenge in this ever-evolving and fast-paced world where it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends.

Quizzes are wonderful for engagement because on average people spend more than two minutes answering the questions of a quiz and quizzes are super memorable so it puts your brand front-and-center in people’s minds.

Deciding on your interactive quiz topic

Below is a great example of an engaging quiz built by Atlassian. It works because it’s on-trend, everyone is talking about Chronotype quizzes in 2022 and it’s a topic that’s top of mind. It also works because it’s fun and relevant to the workplace (Atlassian creates tools for the workplace).

To create your own engaging quizzes, you can choose trending topics that are relevant to your industry, or browse our list of quiz templates for more evergreen ideas that stand the test of time.

Atlassian chronotype quiz

Crafting questions for engaging customers

You want to lock people in, and the best way to do that is by asking people about themselves. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, and it actually makes us feel good. Plus, if you think about all the marketing your competitors are doing it’s all the brands talking to the customer, not the customer talking to the brand. Just ask people about themselves and watch the magic happen for increasing engagement.

Atlassian chronotype quiz question

Showing results that are share-worthy

For engagement quizzes it would be ideal if people wanted to share their results. That would drive even more people to your site and build brand awareness. When creating quiz results for maximum sharing, make sure to keep it upbeat and when providing descriptions tailor the content towards the person based on how they answered the quiz questions.

Atlassian chronotype quiz results
Screen Shot 2022 04 20 at 8.29.41 PM

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