How to Write a Blog Post with AI (ChatGPT)

AI is more than capable of writing blog posts, BUT it needs specific direction and must go in steps. If you just tell it to write a blog post the result will be formulaic and lack depth. Not to to worry, we’ve developed a five-part prompt that creates a perfect blog post with super high accuracy. Here’s how it works.

First, have the AI create a blog post outline and set the tone

ChatGPT Prompt: You are a SAAS marketing expert. Write an outline for a blog post titled “E-Commerce Calls to Action that motivate people” the outline should include an introduction, four main points, and a conclusion.

This prompt consists of the following elements.

  1. Tell the AI who it is. This will inform the level of expertise it writes with. Optional – you can add a tone, so say “You are a SAAS marketing expert who writes in an informative but playful tone”
  2. Tell it to write an outline for your blog post, here’s our resource on generating blog post ideas using AI, do that first if you need an idea.
  3. Tell the AI how to format your blog post outline. It will vary too greatly unless you stipulate how the outline is formatted.
Ai blog post outline
Ai blog post outline

Second, have the AI expand on each point of the blog outline

ChatGPT Prompt: Okay now write 200 words for the introduction, four main points, and conclusion. For each of the main points you should take a point of view, then cite a statistic to back up your point of view, and an example to illustrate.

This AI Prompt consists of two parts.

  1. Tell the AI how long each blog post section should be in exact number of words
  2. Instruct the AI on what the format of each blog post section should be, you can copy our prompt as it’s ideal for B2B content but you can change it out for your needs.
Ai blog post section updates
Ai blog post section updates

Third, have the AI replace each blog section headline with a compelling title

ChatGPT Prompt: Now replace the text that annotates the beginning of each section with a compelling headline.

Only thing you’d potentially edit here is the part of about the “compelling headline” you can change the word “compelling” to something else if you want to convey a different tone in your blog post.

AI to write blog post section headlines
AI to write blog post section headlines

Fourth, have the AI recommend an image for the post and each section

ChatGPT Prompt: Now recommend an image that illustrates the overall blog post and one for each of the four main sections.

AI is not great at generating images yet, but it is really good at suggesting an image to use, then we got to Unsplash and find an image that it recommends.

AI recommended images for each blog post section

Fifth, have the AI give you a list of citations to include in the blog post for external links

ChatGPT Prompt: Now provide a list of five citations for the statistics mentioned in the blog post.

It’s important to cite your sources, and the AI can sometimes spit out incorrect information, so asking it to include citations makes sure your content is accurate and correct.

AI recommended blog citations

AI can write blog posts if guided in steps

That’s my viewpoint. AI is very capable of writing blog posts, because it is synthesizing all of the available information humans have created in our existence. But it needs to be guided on structure, tone, format, and how to convey that information. Think of it as autocomplete that just needs a direction to write.

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