“Identify this picture” quizzes are super fun, and you can also use images as the answer choices to any quiz question. This guide goes through your options for making image quizzes and the best way to set them up for success.

Quizzes can be used to create personalized marketing funnels that convert like crazy. In this guide we’ll go through the exact steps you’ll follow to create your own quiz marketing funnel and use it to drive sales directly through your website and Facebook ads.

Learn how to create your own movie quiz to drive engagement on social media and traffic to your website as well as grow your email list.

Segmenting your audience, where you divide them into groups you can speak to in a more personal way based on commonalities, is one of the biggest trends in marketing right now. With a quiz you can segment your audience quickly and easily, basically doing the same type of personalization that giants like Amazon do but…
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