How to Create Quiz Result Landing Pages That Dazzle Your Audience

The only thing more satisfying than taking an enjoyable, almost addictive quiz is finding that your quiz results are completely on-point with your personality.

When you write quiz results, how well you understand the natural wiring of each audience member matters. How can you weave in their attributes, personality traits, challenges, motivations, goals, and quirks?

With a standard quiz result description, it’s recommended to share the personality results for each quiz taker in three to four short sentences, like the example pictured below.

image13 40

But what if you have more knowledge you want to share and innovative ways you want to personally connect with quiz takers?

It might be time to incorporate quiz result landing pages into your quiz marketing strategy to really help your quiz shine. What is a quiz result landing page, you ask? It’s typically a hidden page on your website that explains what each quiz result means so your audience can walk away feeling like you deeply understand them.

Why else should you use a quiz result landing page?

It gives more upfront value to your quiz takers. You can only share so much information in the recommended three to four sentences of a short quiz result description. By utilizing quiz result landing pages, you’re able to give more resources and applicable information that your audience will love.

Your quiz takers don’t have to wait to see their results. People don’t have to check their email for more information on their quiz results when they have access to a landing page that’s packed with valuable information.

It allows you to introduce a sales offer. While you can use a call-to-action (CTA) button with the standard quiz result description inside Interact, you might want to include a more in-depth sales offer inside a quiz result landing page. You can sell anything from digital products to physical products to freelance or coaching services. All you need to do is introduce the sales offer toward the bottom of your landing page so it doesn’t take away from the actionable advice and quiz-driven content you’re highlighting in the beginning.

You can keep traffic on your own website. Building quiz result landing pages that are hosted on your site will help you drive traffic to specific pages that are optimized for quiz takers. Then, if you want to lead them to other sales pages, blog posts, or other offers, you can do so from the quiz result landing page. This streamlines your user experience and creates an easy-to-navigate website.

Quiz result landing pages also give you more of an opportunity to show off your own brand personality and make a personal connection with your audience members.

As you consider creating landing pages for each quiz result option in your Interact quiz, you might be wondering what kind of information you should include in your landing page. We’ll cover that next!

Crucial elements of a great quiz result landing page

How do you make sure that you give enough value through your quiz result landing page that your audience is impressed enough to want to buy from you?

We’ll walk through every element you need to include in your quiz result landing pages so you know what to expect. To help you visualize how each element can be worked into your own landing page, we’ve included five creative examples of quiz result landing pages to pull inspiration from.

If you’d like to see the full version of these quiz result landing pages, here are the links:

Let’s start with writing your headline.


One of the simplest ways to write your headline is to introduce the quiz taker’s result. This is the first time your audience member will see what their results are, so you want to make sure to hook them right away!

Try to make the title something that your audience would love to call themselves. Keep it upbeat and positive so they want to share it with their friends. They should be proud to self-identify as it.

Multiple seven-figure entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher did this with her headline of “You’re a mover, shaker, empire maker” for the Empire Maker result. It’s simple, it rhymes, and it’s memorable. She includes a subheadline to give her audience a better idea of what this result means.

image28 17

The subheadline includes the term “special sauce,” which is included in her quiz title: What is Your Secret Sauce? We love the consistency in her messaging. The rest of the description that comes after explains what is unique about the Empire Maker result. (We’ll talk about creating this in the next section!)

Much like Jenna, email copywriter Chanteuse Marie decided to lead with her quiz result title in the headline, like this example of “You’re a Minimum Viable Funnel Maven!” However, she included something really unique in her quiz: a movie title that best fits the type of funnel she’s recommending. How clever!

image8 57

Along with the movie title, she also includes a photo of the movie preview for more visual interest. Chanteuse intentionally chose Hollywood films that her audience of primarily female entrepreneurs is familiar with. You won’t find this star-studded theme in other quizzes, especially in her copywriting niche, so this was a great way to make her quiz stand out.

Extended results description

We typically recommend writing quiz result descriptions that are between three to four sentences, but you have a lot more wiggle room when you create a custom quiz result landing page.

Take TONIC Site Shop’s brand cocktail quiz, for example. After co-founder Jen decided what quiz personality types she wanted to use, she then wrote a longer results description for each type of brand cocktail. The two-column text layout on her landing page allows her to share more information without the page looking too busy or text-heavy.

image9 50

One of the things we love most about Jen’s descriptions is that they all incorporate the bar theme so well.

Here are some of our favorite bar themed lines from this intro:

  • “Oh, that sweet  + salty nectar of the agave gods.”
  • “It could be our mutual love of tequila talking, but is there anything more synonymous with ‘Good things are about to go down’ than pitchers of margaritas?”
  • “We’re guessing you book every client you sit down with (over margs, natch)…”
  • “Swim up to our virtual pool bar, and we’ll share our secret recipe with you… (Beach towel not included.)”

Each description is written with a lot of personality in Jen’s signature warm and friendly voice, enhanced with just a dash of wit and charm. Don’t be afraid to have personality with your personality result descriptions!

Are you looking for a more understated way to impress your audience? Instead of including a lengthy results description, you can follow this example from brand strategist Kaye Putnam.

She decided to include a short list of ways that her audience can understand and leverage their quiz type. It’s a great way to show how quiz takers can actually utilize their results to improve their business.

image2 60

Kaye gives a full breakdown based on each quiz type, including things like:

  • Goals
  • Biggest fears
  • Weaknesses
  • Talents

This allows her audience to spend less time hunting for actionable advice. Since it is given in an easily skimmable format, quiz takers are able to get what they need so they can enjoy other parts of her extended quiz result landing page as they scroll through it.

Christy of Christy Copywriting also gives actionable tips to quiz takers on how to improve their brand voice with new writing techniques. Fitting the wine quiz theme, she calls this “enhancing your flavor profile,” which is a term winemakers often use when people are taste-testing wines.

image4 58

What kind of valuable advice can you give your audience? How can you make sure they walk away not only feeling good about their quiz results but also knowing how to utilize them in their life or business? However you answer these questions will help you determine what information you’ll include in your extended results description.

Personal introduction

Just because someone has taken your quiz doesn’t mean they know all about your brand or the person behind it. Your quiz results landing page is a great opportunity to personally introduce yourself through a short bio.

Make sure the content you’re sharing through your bio is relevant to the topic of your quiz as well as the offerings you want to highlight. You can include a more comprehensive bio on your About page, but this personal introduction is meant to briefly explain who you are, who you help, and how you help them.

image16 33

Jenna starts her bio by saying, “Before we go any further, let me introduce myself.” This immediately tells her audience what they will be reading about and sets the tone for the rest of her bio.

She then follows it up by giving her professional titles (educator, photographer, and podcaster) with a few of her favorite things (mac & cheese, The Bachelor, and yoga pants). These are all things she is known for, creating consistency in her messaging on multiple platforms.

Many people also know that Jenna started her business with a $300 Craiglist camera and turned it into a seven-figure empire (in part due to her Interact quiz success!). She shares this story on podcasts and stages around the world. Including it in her bio makes her more relatable to her audience of creative entrepreneurs and shows them what’s possible. It’s a really smart move.

Here is a simple template you can follow for your own bio, inspired by Jenna’s example:

Wait, I almost forgot to introduce myself! I’m [your name], a [title] and [title] who helps [ideal audience] achieve [intended results] through my [services]. I’m most well-known for my love of [favorite thing], [favorite thing], and [favorite thing].

I built my [niche] business by transforming the lives of [ideal audience] clients who want to [goal] and [goal] without having to struggle with [pain point] and [pain point]. Is that you? Let’s connect!

Let’s look at another example!

We love the title of Christy’s bio: “Meet the one behind the wine and words.” It fits the wine theme of her quiz while connecting with her love of words as a copywriter. She also mentions her name along with a list of things she also loves, much like Jenna’s example. These small details add extra personality to your bio.

image1 63

Christy explains who she is and what she does through a short mission statement in the first paragraph. She simply states, “I write meaningful messaging for service-based business owners who prioritize client experience from start to finish.” It’s clear that she works with people who sell their services and care about their own clients, which fuels her to craft words that are unique to each entrepreneur she works with.

Lastly, Christy adds what she does when she’s not collaborating with clients or writing. This is when we learn that her best friend and partner Mark is a winemaker, which perfectly ties back into the theme of this quiz. This bio is short, sweet, and doesn’t take away from the other great information on this quiz result landing page.

Here is another bio template, inspired by Christy’s example:

Hi, I’m [your name]! Obsessed with [favorite thing], [favorite thing], and [favorite thing], I partner with [ideal audience] clients to help them win at [goal or intended result] through my [services]. When I’m not [what you do], I’m frequently found [activity] or [activity].


Along with including a bio, you’ll also want to feature a personal headshot. Try to choose a photo that conveys your personality and warmth. This will help you look more approachable while still solidifying your expertise.

You can see how Christy did this with her photo. The plants in the background of the image draw your eye to the lush pops of green, which fits the color palette of the rest of her landing page. Her smile and pose are both relaxed and casual, helping her look like the kind of knowledgeable friend you could share a coffee with (or a glass of wine, in her case).

Sometimes choosing one image option feels like too hard of a decision, especially if you have invested in professional brand photography for your business. For her bio, Jenna decided to use three headshots to showcase more of her personality. Each one is shown in a loop so when a landing page visitor is reading through her bio, they’ll have the opportunity to see all three photos.


There is a light and bright aesthetic to each of these photos. It’s not as if one photo is dark and moody while the others are vibrant. With white backgrounds and pops of color in her decor and outfits, Jenna’s photos transition nicely into one another when they are looped.

Before you decide on a photo to accompany your bio, think about what your brand personality is and how you can emulate that in your photo. It doesn’t have to be complicated or complex! Just be yourself.

Free resources

Beyond your results description, you may want to include more free resources on your quiz result landing pages. This can include lead magnets like worksheets, workbooks, checklists, video trainings, or curated links to relevant blog posts. This is your chance to get creative!

Free resources will help you give visitors even more value after completing your quiz. You can make these resources readily available on your website or ask quiz takers to sign up for your email list. Then your email service provider can automatically deliver the lead magnet.

A brilliant example of this is from email copywriter Chanteuse Marie who gave a personalized minimum viable funnel mapping strategy based on each person’s quiz results. With this strategy, potential clients know exactly how they should be structuring their email sales funnel.

Here’s a sneak peek into what her free resource looks like:

image19 27

She used her vibrant brand colors to create an easy-to-read graphic for her audience of entrepreneurs. Thanks to her personalized suggestions, her audience members can tweak and test their funnel strategy to make sure they are converting from their emails.

Your free resources can be both helpful and super fun. Jen from TONIC Site Shop shows us how to strike the balance with her resource-packed quiz result landing pages. Since the quiz is all about helping her audience identify their style of brand cocktail, she weaves in the theme by including a cocktail recipe based on the quiz taker’s personality results.

image21 23

You might also notice that Jen added a curated Spotify playlist for each brand cocktail type. Her copy says “… and listen to some on-brand tunes while you dial in your site strategy.” Since the quiz is focused on selling more customizable website templates, this makes a lot of sense.

What free resource could you offer your audience to surprise and delight them? This is your time to brainstorm a few options and choose your favorites. Who knows? You may even choose more than one! For more ideas on freebies, check out our full-length guide on choosing a lead magnet before we head into the last crucial element.


Now that someone has made it all the way through your quiz result landing page, what do they do next? If you don’t have a direct call-to-action (CTA) on your landing page, you could be missing out on conversions and sales.

A call-to-action is meant to point your audience in the direction of where you want them to go next. Do you want them to sign up for your email list, or schedule a free discovery call with you? Do you want them to buy a lower-priced masterclass or join your intimate membership community?

No matter what you’re trying to sell with your quiz, you’ll want to make sure there is a clear CTA on each page. You can personalize the CTA to each specific quiz result or choose the same CTA for each landing page.

Since Kaye was able to generate OVER $100,000 through her quiz result landing pages, it might be a good idea to follow her winning example.

image3 61

For each archetype quiz result, she created a personalized Brandfluency online course. With unique lessons, worksheets, and video trainings, Kaye found a way to turn more quiz takers into customers. Course students also have the option to buy multiple courses based on their top two or three archetypes, helping her raise conversions even more.

Using a photo preview of multiple materials students will receive access to inside the course (including workbooks, moodboards, PDF guides, spreadsheets, videos, and more) helps her position the course as valuable offering.

Quiz takers can click on the CTA button that says “Learn more about the Sage Brandfluency Course” which will then direct them to this long-form sales page. We love how Kaye leads with value on her quiz result landing page while giving visitors the option to learn more about her offerings if they’re interested.

For another example, Jen gives personal recommendations based on each brand cocktail quiz type. This is a great fit because the quiz results speak to the style and vibe each person tends to gravitate toward. Jen uses this knowledge to invite quiz takers to scroll through a curated list of website templates they can instantly purchase.

image26 18

You’ll also see that she’s added a photo preview of three website templates that are hand-picked for each type, like this example for the Margarita type. It almost feels like you have your own personal shopper, guiding you to the products that are your best fit. This is a great way to utilize your quiz!

If you sell a digital product or tailored set of services, this sales strategy might work for you. It has helped Jen sell OVER $50,000 in website templates and it will likely help you increase your revenue, too.

How to make your quiz result landing pages stand out

As we reviewed the five quiz result landing pages, you may have noticed just how different each of the examples were. We did this on purpose to show that there is no one-size-fits-all way to create your landing pages.

We already shared the things your quiz result landing pages need to have in order to be successful. Now we can talk about all the fun things you can add to your page to make it really stand out. These elements aren’t required, but they will help you make an awesome impression.

Create your own custom branded graphics

While the content you create for your quiz result landing page will provide valuable information to your quiz takers, you’ll also want to add visual interest to make the content pop. We recommend including branded graphics and photography wherever possible. This will help your landing pages really stand out.

Since Beth Kirby is known for her distinct visual aesthetic on Instagram, she decided to weave it into her quiz result landing pages. Every photo looks like it was taken from a beautifully styled magazine, making it the perfect complement to her Instagram resources.

Here are just a few examples of Beth’s brand photography on her quiz result landing pages:

image32 18
image23 18
image5 59

While Beth highlights lifestyle brand imagery, Bethany of Primally Pure wanted to use her quiz result landing pages as a way to show off her physical products. Since the quiz helps users find their ideal deodorant scent, Bethany features styled product photos on various backgrounds. This gives more visual interest to the page than using only one product preview photo.

image17 32
image29 19
image22 20

Include a curated list of resource recommendations

In addition to offering free resources on your quiz result landing pages, you can include them right in the landing page rather than making your audience sign up for your email list for access. This can include blog posts, podcast playlists, YouTube video playlists, Spotify playlists, personal video introductions, and much more.

Chanti Zak includes a short list of curated blog posts that her audience can explore if they want to learn more on her quiz result landing pages. Chanti shares blog post links that focus on helping other people find their perfect quiz building type (how meta!) for her quiz.

image6 59

As a well-known podcaster, Jenna highlights a curated list of podcast episodes instead of blog posts. This playlist includes links to some of her favorite episodes, like this example from her Empire Maker quiz result type. When someone clicks on an episode they want to listen to, the podcast will direct them to the podcast show notes so they can listen to the audio recording.

image10 49

Lastly, Beth Kirby launched a quiz to help her audience discover their ideal Instagram hashtags. Along with a full description of why hashtags are important for Instagram engagement, her quiz result landing pages also feature a list of curated hashtags that people can start implementing into their Instagram strategies.

image7 54

Think about a free resource you can offer that is easy to make but incredibly valuable. That is your sweet spot! If the resource relates to your sales offer and quiz topic, that’s even better.

Share a past client case study

Are you a service-based entrepreneur who wants to use your quiz to generate more high-end budget clients? You can win them over by including links to case studies or your portfolio of work to show how you’ve helped other clients achieve similar goals.

If you have statistics to pair with your case study, that’s even better. When you can point to another client’s success, you give each quiz taker an inside look into what their life and business could look like after working with you, too.

Since Chanti Zak wants to qualify her client leads and funnel people toward her quiz-building educational workshops, she writes a few links to money-making quizzes she’s written for other clients. That way, she can show that not only has she found success with her own quiz but also has created similar results for other people. This solidifies her expertise as a quiz copywriter.

image15 33

Ask your audience to check their email inboxes

If you are using your quiz to build your email list (which we highly recommend doing!), you might want to remind your audience to check their inbox for more information. You can add this inside a personal note at the bottom of your quiz result landing page like Jenna Kutcher.

image24 18

Include testimonials about your offer

You can talk about how great your offerings are, but it’s even better to show your audience. One of the best ways to do that is by gathering testimonials from past clients or customers and using them in your landing page copy.

Bethany highlights a few customer testimonials on her quiz result landing pages, giving more social proof to strengthen her sales offer. By showing words from other happy customers, it helps quiz takers feel more confident in purchasing their specific type of deodorant before they have a chance to try out the product themselves.

image20 23

In this example, Bethany used the names of real customers to real human touch, but you may also want to add last names and photos of the person. This is especially true if the person who is giving you the testimonial is a well-known influencer in the industry, almost acting like a public endorsement. In addition to being featured in publications, you can also use excerpts from those features inside your landing page like Bethany did.

image27 20

Create your own quiz results landing pages

Do you have an idea of the types of information and features you want to include in your quiz results landing pages? Awesome! Now you’re ready to start building them for yourself. We’re going to take the rest of this time to quickly walk you through how to start creating your own.

Step 1: Choose a website building and hosting platform

Most of our Interact quiz users already have a website before they create their quiz, but if you are in the process of building your first site, you have a few options. The most common website platforms are WordPress, Squarespace, Showit, and Shopify.

Self-hosted WordPress powers 35% of all websites on the internet, making it the most popular website platform. With WordPress, you can either start with a pre-made template or custom-build your own website if you know how to code. This can be difficult for beginners, so you might want to look into other options if you want to frequently update your website without having to code.

Business owners and content creators who want to build their own websites without the struggle of coding know Squarespace as a more user-friendly option.

Drag-and-drop website builder Showit is also DIY-friendly like Squarespace but gives many more customization options in their platform than Squarespace. Primarily made for photographers and creative entrepreneurs, Showit makes it easy to look like you have a custom-built site without having to dig into the code.

Lastly, there is Shopify, a website platform that is built for ecommerce businesses. If you are selling physical products, Shopify will make the whole process of converting visitors into happy customers simple and streamlined. It has advanced options to help you decide on the best ordering, shipping, and delivery process. Squarespace also has ecommerce options, but Shopify is far more robust if you need their added features.

Step 2: Embed your quiz on your website

Once you’ve chosen a website platform, we recommend embedding your quiz into its own web page. When you launch your quiz, you can simply embed your quiz on a web page like this example from my own brand voice quiz or create a full landing page to promote your quiz like brand designer Sibila Ribeiro.

Screen Shot 2023 07 27 at 11.06.46 AM

Have you created your quiz yet? If so, you can move on to the next step.

If you are still in the middle of creating it, decide if you want to create a personality quiz, interactive quiz, assessment quiz, scoring quiz, or another quiz type. You can review this guide to determine what quiz type is the best fit for your audience.

Once you’ve chosen a quiz type, you can create it inside our Interact quiz-building tool. Click here to start building your quiz with Interact!

Recommended reading

Step 3: Start building each quiz result landing page

With your quiz embedded into your website, you can then start thinking about creating your own quiz result landing pages. Taking inspiration from the examples above, you’ll want to create a landing page template you can customize and reuse for each of the quiz result types.

How many result options do you have inside your quiz? We recommend creating three to five personality quiz results but you are free to choose the number that works with your strategy. One benefit of keeping your result options to a low number is that you have fewer landing pages to create.

Next, you’ll want to create an outline of what content you want to include in your quiz results landing pages. Let’s refresh your memory and review the most crucial elements we talked about earlier.

Here is a list of the key elements your quiz result landing pages need:

  • Headline
  • Extended results description
  • Personal introduction
  • Headshot
  • Free resources
  • Call-to-action

We also mentioned that you could choose to include any of these add-ons to your page:

  • Branded graphics or photography
  • Resource recommendations list
  • Case study
  • Reminder to check their inbox
  • Testimonials

Choose the information you want to include in your landing pages so you can start writing and designing your pages. This step will depend on the website building platform you’ve chosen.

You already have templates and formulas from the landing page elements sections above, and you have a list of nearly ten creative examples you can pull inspiration from.

Now you have everything you need to create your quiz result landing pages!

Step 4: Redirect quiz takers to the right quiz result landing page

The last step in this process is to redirect people to the correct landing page based on their quiz results. All you need to do is click the “Redirect Results” link in the left sidebar under the “Results (Personalities)” header.

image12 39

Then you can click and check the box that says “Redirect” to the left and proceed to copy and paste the URL for each quiz result landing page into the text box. Complete this step for every result option.

image18 27

When you click the save and publish button, the quiz will reflect all of your changes. You can even test the quiz for yourself to make sure it directs you to the right landing page.

And just like that, you’re finished!

Now you’re ready to promote your quiz through social media, your email list, and more.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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