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Make a personality quiz of your own at tryinteract.com

It’s recently come to my attention that we don’t have a thorough run-through of what it takes to create a personality quiz (hint, it’s easier than you think) Thus I thought I’d put together an overview of the steps involved in putting together using THE original personality quiz, the Myers-Briggs quiz.


Right, so the first thing you do when editing a quiz is to customize the design. Interact is built for businesses, so being able to match your companies’ branding is absolutely crucial. Let’s go over what you need to do here.

1. Upload a cover photo. That nice picture you see of the pensive young lady is from one of the free sites we’ve compiled in our list of places to find stock photos.  You’ll need to add your own picture for your quiz, and if you really want to have good success, I recommend getting the creative department involved, you’ll be thankful if (when) your quiz goes viral.

2. Upload your logo. With any of our paid plans, your quiz has your branding, not ours. You can upload a logo from your computer or add one from your website using a URL.

3. Edit the background color. I recommend leaving it as white, but sometimes it looks really cool to change it. You can add a hex code that your creative department provides, or just pick a color that looks good.

4. Font color. I’d say just leave it black on the white background, but if you do choose to go for a dark theme you definitely want to change the font color to white.

5. Font Type. Our design team has compiled a great list of fonts that are available for you to use on your quizzes. Pick one that most closely matches your brand ideally.

6. Button color. Some people prefer orange for their call to action buttons, others prefer blue, whatever your choice, you can use it on your Interact quiz. We provide a color picker so whatever kind of colors you want you can have.

7. Button text. Whether you are using interact to make quizzes or assessments or test you can customize the button text to match your use case.

design your quiz


The next step in making a personality quiz is to create the results, or the personalities that people will see at the end of a quiz when they’ve finished answering all the questions. So in my example quiz I have all the various combinations of personalities (like ENFJ) and I set those up first so I can then later correlate my questions to them.

Let’s break down the pieces here.

1. Result title. This is more important than you think. The default share style for Interact quizzes is “I got (my result)(title of the quiz)” so the result titles will end up all over the place when your quiz makes it big. I recommend keeping the title short (5 words or less) if possible so it shows up well on all social networks when shared.

2. Description. Each result has its own description that can be used to describe the personality type. You want to stay positive here, don’t go telling people how bad they are in your quiz result descriptions, no one wants to share a negative description.

3. Result image. This also gets shared when people share their quiz results on Facebook (~50% of quiz traffic comes from Facebook shares).

4. Links. You can add a link in each quiz description to go to a page on your site. I highly recommend you do this. So for example in my Myers-Briggs quiz I can send people to a page on my site that describes in further detail the personality type that my short quiz told them they were.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 5.32.12 PM



Ah, the fun part of quizzes! Think about it, when else as a marketer do you get to ask people questions that they actually want to answer? (Surveys that you you have to pay people to answer don’t count). The questions of a quiz are what make them unique over all other forms of content, and in my opinion what causes them to get so much traffic. Great quizzes feel like a natural conversation because of well-written questions, and this is your opportunity to converse with potential customers without ever having to pick up the phone or write an email.

If you notice in my little screenshot here that each answer is correlated with a specific result. The way the scoring on personality quizzes works is that each answer gives a “point” to one result, and at the end of the quiz whichever result gets the most “points” is the one that is shown to the person taking the quiz.

You also have a choice of options when writing your quiz questions. You can do image questions and text answers, a text question with image answers, and any combination of the above. I definitely recommend that you do some sort of images in your questions, whether that be image questions or image answers, these types of questions are very well liked.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 5.32.25 PM


Lead Capture (optional)

Quizzes can be used for lead capture (and pretty effectively, I just got done talking to a customer who collected 5,000 email addresses in five hours). When you’re setting up your personality quiz, setting up lead collection is just one simple step in the process. By default the email collection is set up to collect email addresses (again, you don’t have to do this). You can also ask for names, company names, zip codes, and phone numbers in this piece. As an added piece you can insert your privacy policy link so people know what they are getting into when they hand over information.

If you do choose to insert a lead capture form into your quiz, it will show up between the last question of the quiz and the results. That way people will be incentivized to opt-in (although there will be a choice to skip).

There are also two text input fields on this page for “email heading” and “email subheading.” These places are basically where you tell people why they should opt-in to your list. So for example in my quiz I say “Get updates about your personality” and “including personalized advice on career and relationships”

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 5.32.51 PM


Embed & Share

We try our best to make it easy to share and embed your quiz in a way that keeps your brand integrity. What I mean by that is your quiz can be embedded into any page on your website or blog without any sort of indication that it comes from Interact, and it can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter (or any other network) in a similar way where all the traffic goes back to your website.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 5.34.32 PM


Here’s the actual quiz we’ve been talking about that emulates the famous Myers-Briggs type personality quiz that is really the basis for all other personality quizzes. Check it out and also feel free to head to tryinteract.com for a free trial on our quiz builder.


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